Better Listening for Better Societal Results

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Better Listening for Better Societal Results by Mind Map: Better Listening for Better Societal Results

1. Why Listening?

1.1. Listening is the most underrated of leadership skills. Lack of listening leads to a disconnect between leaders and the situation. - Otto Scharmer

1.1.1. Otto Scharmer on the four levels of listening

1.2. benefits of leading by listening

1.2.1. The Benefits of Leading by Listening

1.3. empathy

1.3.1. Empathy In Creativity and Design Thinking

2. Check-in

2.1. Tell a story of when you know that you've listened well and you know that your listening made a difference

3. Applications

3.1. Listening Tours

3.1.1. RWJF :: Listening for a Culture of Health

3.1.2. California Humanities Listening Tour - California Humanities

3.1.3. Irvine Foundation Our Blog

3.1.4. State Justice Institute State Justice Institute

3.1.5. Justin Troudau What CEOs Can Learn From Justin Trudeau’s “Listening Tour”

3.1.6. Uber Uber HR Conducts 'Listening Tour' to Delve Into Workplace Concerns

3.1.7. Huffington Post "Listen to America" tour HuffPost is taking its reporters on a “listening tour,” seeking stories, new readers, data, and solidarity

3.1.8. Feedback Labs Feedback Labs

4. The practice of listening

4.1. mindfulness

4.1.1. presence

4.1.2. assumptions

4.2. the continuum of listening


4.3. 4 levels of listening


4.4. 5 levels of communication

4.4.1. Five Levels of Communication

5. Let's do it

5.1. Dive into a conversation where deep listening is needed

6. NewStories

6.1. to support the emerging of new stories you need to listen differently

6.2. Spiral of Co-Creating