Organizational Readiness for eLearning

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Organizational Readiness for eLearning by Mind Map: Organizational Readiness for eLearning

1. Learner's Readiness

1.1. Be able to communicate through writing

1.2. Self-motivated and disciplined

1.3. Excellent Time Management Skills

1.4. Unlimited access to a computer and the Internet

1.5. Willing to communicate when problems arise.

1.6. Be willing to make the time committment

1.7. Believe that online is a viable learning mode

2. Type of Learning

2.1. Constuctivist

2.1.1. Student focused

2.1.2. Collaborative

2.1.3. Case Studies

2.1.4. Learner Driven

3. Curriculum Development

3.1. Developed in-house

3.2. Following Guidelines established by Academics Department

3.3. Link to and use digital ancillaries provided by publishers

3.4. Standardized Curriculum System-wide

4. Overall Cost

4.1. LMS

4.2. Salaries

4.3. Curriculum Development

5. Support Systems Needed

5.1. LMS Manager

5.2. Help Desk

5.3. Educational Technologist

6. Software/Hardware Needs

6.1. PCs/MACs for Systems Support

6.2. Maximum of RAM Memory

6.3. High End Graphics Cards

6.4. Budget available to purchase new technology for testing effectiveness in content delivery.

7. Skills Needed

7.1. To Deliver

7.2. To Participate

8. Instructor Training

8.1. Interviews to determine if good fit for online.

8.2. Training in specific technologies

8.2.1. Use of LMS

8.2.2. Use of Web Conferencing

8.2.3. Training in You Tube Video Production