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New Online Instructors by Mind Map: New Online Instructors
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New Online Instructors



Personal Awe at Technology

Viewing Students as Colleagues

Ensuring Quality Learning

7 Principles in Higher Ed

Contact Between Faculty & Students

Cooperative Learning

Prompt Feedback

Active learning Techniques

Time on Task

Communicate High Expectations

Respect diverse talents and learning styles

Thought patterns about online teaching

Is it real education?

Do you want to teach online?

Do you love technology?

Is it effective?

What are the tools of the trade?



Chat Rooms

Web Conferencing




Mind Maps



Windows Live, Google collaboration spaces

Personal & Professional Experiences


Using new technologies to deliver the 7 principles defined in higher ed

Learning new software skills for use in curriculum design and development

Training Schedule

Commitment to New Teaching Paradigm

Technology skills inventory

Fill in the technology gaps

Access to technolgy

Group brainstorm on new section to create

First Task - Web Enhanced Face-to-Face Course

Second Task - Build Task One out into an online course