What is the connection between bullying and school shootings?

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What is the connection between bullying and school shootings? by Mind Map: What is the connection between bullying and school shootings?

1. Bullying does contribute to school shootings.

1.1. When kids are bullied they feel as of they were victims. majority of school shootings are caused by victims of bullying (Kalman).

1.1.1. "Izzy Kalman is a national certified school psychologist who has been working in schools and private practice since 1978, he is the author of bullies to buddies and other publications for dealing with bullying and relationship problems." Izzy kalman a "certified psychologist" who has written many books on bullying like "bullies to buddies" has concluded that bullying does contribute to school shootings (Kalman). This piece of evidence means that the author that wrote this paper is a credible authority who has studied the conclusion that bullying does contribute to school shootings and agrees with it.

1.1.2. "Of course kids being bullied can not be the only explanation for these school shootings, because each shooter has their own story, history, constitution, and motives." Izzy Kalman states this non-bias observation to show that "bullying is not the only explanation for school shootings." and to show that even though bullying is a major contributor, it is not the only contributor (Kalman). This piece of evidence matters because it states that bullying is a main contributor to school shootings but it also recognizes that some stories are not just black and white.

1.2. A young victim of bullying commits the horrific act of a school shooting (Shoicet).

1.2.1. "That just was not the type of person that Michael was, his brother Reggie told CNN, He was the kind of person that if somebody needed help he would be there." the author includes this quote to give a credibly authority and provide information about the school shooter, from a trustworthy point of view (Shoichet). This piece of evidence makes me think that if the child was know as a nice, kind and helpful kid, what would provoke him to do such a horrific act. could it be all because of bullying?

1.2.2. "Both of the wounded students were hospitalized in stable condition Monday night, Sparks Deputy Chief Tom Miller said, they were shot in the cafeteria and in a hallway. One was shot in the stomach, the other in the shoulder, Washoe County School District Police Chief Mike Mieras said." This verifiable fact states that " the 2 students that were injured were hospitalized and stable"(Shoichet) . This piece of evidence connects to the view point because it states variable facts about a school shooting that is believed to be caused because of bullying.

1.3. Because bullying can cause the kindest kid to feel victimized and cause them to lash out on the people around them. they way each kid lashes out depends on the person and their story. sometimes it can lead to a school shooting.

1.4. Because bullying can cause a kid to feel hurt and alone. these feelings can lead to a kid being filled with anger and emotion. possibly provoking them to commit a horrific act.

2. Bullying does not contribute to school shootings and is exaggerated.

2.1. Bullies are now viewed as cruel children who persecute kids to kill, unlike before they were viewed as just a normal part of the educational environment (Sokis).

2.1.1. " Among the respondents, 10.6 percent said they had been bullied, 13 percent said they'd acted as bullies, and 6.3 percent said they'd been both bullies and bullied." a survey was done, concluding the statistics that "6.3 percent of students said they have been both bullies and and bullied" with this observed many say that, fights or teasing must not be considered bullying if both kids have "equal power" (Soskis). This piece of evidence means that most kids who claim to have been bullied have once been considered the bully in a situation, and also hold the power to equally be a bully.

2.1.2. " That same month, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation released a survey showing that bullying has become schoolchildren's primary concern, surpassing drugs and discrimination." this statistic states that bullying has become a major focus, so much to where drugs and discrimination are being "Surpassed" and bullying is being exaggerated causing other problems to be overlooked (Soskis). This piece of evidence matters because it is information and opinions collected by a credible authority stating that bullying has caused other problems to be overlooked.

2.2. New bullying campaigns are being launched in schools all over the nation urging parents, teachers, and students to use the word ¨bully" with more precise and cation (Gumbrecht).

2.2.1. "By calling everything bullying, we're actually failing to recognize the seriousness of the problem," said Elizabeth Englander, a professor of psychology and founder and director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center at Bridgewater State University." Elizabeth Englander a "professor in psychology," concludes that we must consider the seriousness of the bullying problem, and consider how often we use it (Gumbrecht). This piece of evidence makes me think that if bullying is such a serious problem we should urge people to be more cautious when we classify something as a bully.

2.2.2. "Becki Cohn-Vargas, an educator for more than two decades, recalled how conflicts between students were never as black-and-white as they seemed at first. " Becki "an educator for more that two decades" concludes that most situations are not very "black and white" there are details that must be considered before deciding to consider something bullying (Gumbrecht). This piece of evidence connects to the view point because it states that we must think through a situation and consider many scenarios before we make an assumption.

2.3. Because sometimes people do not focus on the details of a scenario, possibly causing it to be over exaggerated and classified as bullying.

2.4. Because in present times most kids who are bullied have also once been the bully. this means that kids now have equal power, which can lead to the exaggeration of teasing becoming classified as bullying.