Web Design Information Gathering

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Web Design Information Gathering by Mind Map: Web Design Information Gathering

1. What tools and resources do I need to complete the site?

1.1. Squarespace

1.2. Email marketing

1.3. Web hosting

1.4. Lead generation tool

1.5. Graphic design tool

1.6. Photographer

2. Project Details

2.1. When do I want to launch by?

2.2. What is my budget for this project?

2.3. Who will write the content?

2.4. Who will review the content?

2.5. Who is the primary contact/decision maker for the project?

2.6. Who all needs to be involved in the project?

2.7. What types of pages should I have on my website?

2.8. What are my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats?

3. What are the goals for my website?

3.1. What are 3-5 primary goals I want to accomplish with my website?

3.2. If my deal visitor stopped by my website, what would I want them to do before they left?

3.3. When my ideal visitor arrives, what frame of mind are they in? Seeking information? Ready to purchase?

4. Who is my target audience?

4.1. Who do I want to target my website towards?

4.2. Which social media channels (if any) do I think my ideal visitor spends time on?

4.3. What are the main goals/challenges of my target audience?

5. Design

5.1. What makes my brand unique/compelling/competitive?

5.2. What other brands do I consider to be design inspiration?

5.3. Do I have the company logo and design files I need?

5.4. Do I have a brand style guide?

5.5. What brands or individuals do I consider competition?

5.6. How do I fit into my market?