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bim-tools by Mind Map: bim-tools
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bim-tools menu

Large menu with different expandable sections. Sections also directly expandable with buttons on toolbar.

project data

Export to IFC

Create IFC object

creator data

materials, list of existing materials, material name, AcousticRating, FireRating, Combustible, SurfaceSpreadOfFlame, ThermalTransmittance, create new material, color / texture

profiles, list of profile components, name, thumbnail, edit, type, define new profile

Relations, List all relations of selected object, relation type, position, size/length, direction, IFC object type, Object name, relation rules, fixed, child/parent


On open

Check = IFC project?, List all IFC objects

On edit group

Check = Ifc object?, Reset geometry


Document saved?, Yes, Active selection?, Filter IFC objects, IFC objects in list?, Yes, new exporter, No, Message: "No IFC objects found", Cancel export, List all IFC objects, No, Message: "save first", Cancel export

On create IFC object

Choose IFC type, Wall, Select objects, new wall, new floor, new space, new opening, Active selection?, Slab / Floor, Space, Opening

objects / actors


gather export data, creator data, project data, IFC objects

IFC creator

default values, stored outside sketchup project

Company, name, id

Person, name, id

IFC project

site, site name, site location

list of id numbers

IFC objects library

IFC objects, wall, Create base geometry, length / line, profile, auto define basic relations, Create attributes, floor, space

IFC object modifiers, openings, profiles, type, wall, load bearing?, floor, window frame