What is the relationship between students and drug testing?

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What is the relationship between students and drug testing? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between students and drug testing?

1. It is beneficial for students.

1.1. In her Current Health 2 article, Kowalski explains that drugs affects everyone and that is why they are necessary(Kowalski).

1.1.1. Justice Scalia, a judge in the supreme court who voted for drug testing, states “School years are the time when the physical, psychological, and addictive effects of drugs are most severe” because she believes "the school's concern... overrode an invasion of privacy by collection procedure" (Kowalski). This quote means that the effects of drugs can be severe, so the opportunity to prevent that is more important than the minimal invasion of privacy.

1.1.2. Kathiann Kowalski, an author for Current Health 2, discusses the exactness of drug tests and says "The lab procedures used for Veronia School District were 99.94 percent accurate "(Kowalski). These statistics demonstrate that, not only does the counseling and rehab work, but there is merely the most minuscule chance that the tests will falsely incriminate someone.

1.2. According to the Student Drug-Testing Institute, because they help students to not accept drugs, drug tests are good and effective(“Random Student”).

1.2.1. On the benefits of drug tests, a study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration reports “students who use drugs are statistically more likely to drop out of school, bring guns to school, steal, and be involved in... delinquent behavior”(“Random Student"). This quote shows how drugs can set students off onto a bad future, and drug tests can help to prevent that early.

1.2.2. In a study done by “Hunterdon Central Regional High School” on the effectiveness of drug tests, they reported that they noticed “ significant reductions in 20 of 28 drug-use categories after 2 years of a drug-testing program”(“Random Student"). This quote means that drug tests do work, and that they can help the majority of students with their drug problems.

1.3. Because drugs can be damaging to the users health and future.

1.4. Because drug tests have been proven effective to help stop the majority of use.

2. It is not beneficial for students.

2.1. Mary Pilon explains that drug testing is unnecessarily required to be able to join any sports or clubs(Pilon).

2.1.1. Dr. Goldberg, the publisher of a study on drug tests, found “that athletes from the two groups did not differ in their recent use of drugs or alcohol"(Pilon). This quote means that drug tests do not work, resulting in an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

2.1.2. According to Steve Klotz, a superintendent at Maryville School District, said the drug test's “cost will be $5,000 to $7,000 a year and will come from the school's” limited “general operating budget”(Pilon). This quote makes me think that the cost of drug tests are taking money from the school's budget that could have been put to much better use.

2.2. Debra J. Saunders says that drug tests should not be done because they are not helpful(Saunders).

2.2.1. Lloyd Johnston, a researcher from University of Michigan, "noted… that there is ‘a serious question of whether drug testing is a wise investment’" (Saunders). This quote shows that drug tests aren't really a good idea to fund because it isn't even proven if they are successful, therefore a waste of money.

2.2.2. Tom Angell, a member of Students for Sensible Drug Policy, believes that required drug tests to be able to join a club “pushes these students ‘away from those positive atmospheres that study after study has shown are successful at keeping students away from drugs’”(Saunders). This matters because the very program meant to help students get off drugs is the one pushing them away from environments that could be able to do that, essentially disallowing the student to be able to recover.

2.3. Because it violates the 4th Amendment.

2.4. Because it pushes students away from positive environments and doesn't work.