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Theme 1 by Mind Map: Theme 1

1. Blogging Buddies

1.1. Able to Have a World Wide Experience-Interactions From Around the Globe

1.1.1. Individualism- Being Able to Create Your Blog to Express You individually Connectivity- Easy Access to Connect to One Another

2. Microsoft Word

2.1. Learning New Formats

2.1.1. Finding Out new Styles Very Easy to use

3. Powerpoint

3.1. Fun and Creative Program

3.1.1. Anyone Can Personalize Their Presentations Gives a Sense of Professionalism

4. Voice Thread

4.1. Great Source for Audio personalization

4.1.1. A Creative way to interact with one another! Fun to use and a learning experience

5. Microsoft Excel

5.1. Very Convenient for data

5.1.1. User-friendly Many Helpful tools throughout the program

6. New node