Mexican Culture

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Mexican Culture by Mind Map: Mexican Culture

1. Home page

1.1. This page will explain the purpose of the website: to inform others about Mexican culture. It will also include fun facts about Mexico to grab people's attention.

1.1.1. It will have pictures of major landmarks and traditions to grab people's attention

2. History of mexico

2.1. This page will have important dates and short paragraphs explaining what took place on those dates.

2.1.1. A picture of a timeline and pictiures on imporants historical figures.

3. resources

3.1. work cited page

4. about me

4.1. this page will have a paragraph about me and how I celebrate my culture.

4.1.1. Picture of the differnt traditions my family has celebrated.

5. Mexican Music

5.1. This page will have a paragraph explaining the different genres and some historic icons in those genres. I will have paragraph about the different dance genres to go along with certain music genres

5.1.1. music videos

6. Tradtions

6.1. This page will explain and have a step by step page to set for certain traditions like Day of the Dead, Quinces, Weddings, and more.

6.1.1. Pictures and videos of different traditions

7. Mexican food

7.1. This page will will have step by step recipes of some all time faviorite dishes.

7.1.1. It will have screenshots of delicious food.

8. contact page

8.1. A page will have basic contact information so that anyone will a question can contact me.

8.1.1. Google forum