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The TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE: Main characters by Mind Map: The TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE: Main characters
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The TIME TRAVELLER'S WIFE: Main characters

Clare Abshire

(see MindMap of the leading character, Clare Abshire)

Henry DeTamble

In various passages in The Times Traveler's Wife, Henry explains that the inevitable cause of his time travels is stress. According to Dr. Kendrick, Henry has zero tolerance for stress. And, boy, Henry is stressed out by a lot: by watching TV, by loud noises, by blinding lights, by drinking too much, by getting married, by having kids, by conflict… Moreover, Henry does try to be a good husband when he is with Clare in the present. He cooks for her and teaches her how to cook, so she can really take care of their daughter and herself after he's gone. That's kind of sweet, right? And when Henry meets Clare, he breaks up with his girlfriend Ingrid right away. He also acts quite forgiving when Clare admits her little fling with Gomez years ago. He's a loving father to Alba, and travels to the future to spend lots of time with her in the years following his death. So he seems to be an unreliable, yet really well-meaning husband.

Alba and ... alba

Unlike Henry, though, Alba actually enjoys time travel. Although she, too, can't stop traveling, she has some measure of control over where and when she's going. She's even had some success with keeping herself in the present through singing. In general, she seems to readily accept the challenges of her strange life, one of which is that her father dies when she's only five.

Henry's Family: the DeTambles

Annette DeTamble

Under her artist name "Annette Lyn Robinson," Henry's mother has made a name for herself as a famous opera singer.  "Annette had the most marvelous voice… she could express her soul with that voice… whenever I listened to her I felt like my life meant more than mere biology… she was a very emotional person… (her husband says) With her death in a car accident, she seems to take her gift of emotion with her, leaving her son and husband empty and broken, and completely unable to connect with each other.

Richard DeTamble

Richard very much takes to Clare and, through her and Kimy, father and son begin to mend their relationship. When Alba is born, she turns out to be a musical prodigy. Henry asks Richard to give her violin lessons, which finally instills his father with a new purpose in life.

Gomez and Charisse

Gomez and Charisse are always beside Claire and Henry as all close friends should be. In fact, Gomez was the best man at their wedding whereas Charisse was the maid of honour.

Dr. David Kendrick and His Wife

Dr. David Kendrick and His Wife Their doctor and patient relationship soon grows into a friendship. After some initial successes, Kendrick has to inform Henry that he won't be able to find a cure for him. He suggests, though, that he might be able help Alba. Henry trusts Kendrick's skills enough to have Alba's DNA sequenced against Clare's will. When Henry visits Alba in the future, he learns that Kendrick is still working with her.

Clare's family: the Abshires

Philip Abshire

Philip Abshire, Clare's father, is a lawyer, specializing in wills. "Master of his features," he does a great job at playing the affable, smiling head of the family. His natural poise also enables him to conceal his recognition of Henry the first time he officially meets the guy. Philip seems to care very much about his family's image, which is why he, more than any other family member, tiptoes around his wife, Lucille's, moods. Philip Abshire Character Analysis

Lucile Abshire

Clare's mother, Lucille Abshire, is a very troubled, unpredictable woman. During her first date with Henry in the present, Clare explains, "My mother is kind of off in the clouds." Lucille has never been much of a mother to Clare or her other children. Although the woman's a passionate gardener and poet, she remains emotionally aloof and never shares her work with anyone. Lucile Ab

Mark Abshire

Mark is studying to be a lawyer, like his father. Clare and Mark have never had a very friendly sibling relationship. Six-year-old Clare states: "When I was coming out of the mud room Mark saw me and he said What are you doing asshole? And I said, Nothing, assholeand he pulled my hair and I stepped on his foot really hard and then he started to cry and went to tell." (1.3.80) When Henry meets Mark in the present, he realizes that Mark recognizes him from somewhere and only much later realizes Mark who shot him on one of Henry's time travels.  

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