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Angela's Ashes by Mind Map: Angela's Ashes

1. Live in New York

1.1. Move back to Ireland

1.1.1. family goes to Malachy's family

1.1.2. Take the bus to Dublin To collect money rom the IRA the man refuses to give money Have no money to take a bus back home sleep in the police barracks Police give enough money for train tickets to Limerick

2. A typical miserable Irish Catholic childhood

2.1. Alcoholic father

2.2. No money

2.3. Catholic faith

3. Father Malachy

3.1. Grows up in the North

3.2. Sings old patriotic songs to Frank

3.3. Drinks and loses jobs

3.4. Spends his earned money in pubs

3.5. Pride

3.6. Die for your country

4. Mother Angela

4.1. Grows up in Limerick

4.2. Has a miscarriage

4.3. smoker

5. Margaret

5.1. Daughter

5.1.1. Malachy stops drinking

5.1.2. Margaret dies sets Angela in a depression Malachy starts drinking again

6. Oliver

6.1. Younger brother

6.1.1. Becomes ill

6.1.2. and dies Malachy all of his money on drinking

7. Eugene

7.1. dies of pneumonia

7.1.1. Angela get's pills for her nerves

7.1.2. Malechy drinks himself into a stupor On the day of the funeral Frank has to get his father from the pub. After the funeral, Frank and his last brother eat fish and chips

8. Malachy

9. Michael

9.1. is born

9.1.1. Angel of the seventh step

9.1.2. get's sick is saved by his father sucking the snot out of his nose. (he couldn't breath)

10. Religion

10.1. Attend Mass at Christmas

10.2. Attend Mass at Easter

10.2.1. Frank get's frustrated by what he doesn't understand

10.2.2. and his fatther won't answer his questions "When you become older you'll understand evertything."

10.3. Frank's first communion

10.3.1. eats the Communion wafer

10.3.2. Mikey is not a "proper" catholic because he couldn't swallow the communion wafer

10.4. He listens to an inproper story and feels this is a sin

10.4.1. First Confession the priest is amused by the story Absolves all his sins

10.4.2. Second Confession Frank had trouble swallowing the Wafer He puked in the backyard Gets denied to go to the cinema but sneeks in anyway

10.5. Malachy wants Frank to become an altar boy

10.5.1. because of class snobbery Frank gets turned down

11. Alphonsus

11.1. Is saved from chocking on a dried milk ball

12. Life in Limerick

12.1. Miscarriage

12.1.1. Needs to go to the hospital

12.2. Malachy doesn't make enough money

12.2.1. Angela goes to the de Paul Society for charity

12.2.2. Women there are suspicious of Angela and her American/Yankee children

12.2.3. Become welcoming after hearing the fate of her miscarriage

12.3. Angela collects the money

12.3.1. otherwise Malachy will just spend it on drinking

12.4. Frank starts going to school

12.4.1. hard place where you "must not cry"

12.4.2. Teacher was mean spirited always making children cry

12.4.3. His teacher says it's a glorious thing to die for the Faith

12.5. move to house on Roden Lane

12.5.1. The lavatory is built next to the house and it stinks very badly

12.5.2. House get's flooded. So the family moves upstairs

12.6. Christmas

12.6.1. Angela goes to the butcher for meat all she can afford is a pig's head Frank's classmates see the meat and laugh

12.6.2. Frank, Malechy (jr) and their father collect leftover coal landlord of the pub gives them real coal they carry the bag in the rain

12.7. Welfare society turn up

12.7.1. Angela asks the men for boots Malachy "Never beg like that" His pride Frank makes his children boots from old tire classmates tease the boys

12.8. Frank get;s a new teacher called Mr. Benson

12.9. Angela and Malachy must get their teeth removed

12.9.1. Malachy jr puts the false teeth in as a joke

12.9.2. But they get stuck and has to get rushed to the hospital The doctor sees Frank breathing through his mouth and says that Frank needs to have his tonsils removed

12.10. Angela tells Frank he has to take dancing lessons every Saturday

12.10.1. He doesn't like his first lesson

12.10.2. He spends the money for the second lesson on going to the movies When he tells his parents about the lesson, he invents his own dances His father gets suspisious and finds out. He needs toe confess his sins.

12.11. three years pass, Frank is now in the fourth form by Mr. O'Neill

12.11.1. Mr. O'Neill gives his apple peel to the boy who can answer a difficult question One day Fintan, a goody twoshoes, gets the apple peel. and shares it with frank and two other boys. Fintan invites Frank and Paddy to his home, promising food. Fintan's mother serves milk and sandwiches The boys are worried however because Fintan goes with them to the bathroom and says he enjoys looking a them Fintan invites the boys to lunch a few days later. But they don't get any food Angry they skip school to steal apples from a nearby farm A friend of Frank sees him and tells his parents are going to kill him

12.12. Frank stays at Paddy's

12.12.1. Paddy's father lies in bed coughing snot in a bucket Next morning Angela turns up at Paddy's and feels sorry for the father because they have known eachother.

12.12.2. Pour home

12.13. Father Malachy continues to drink te dole away

12.14. Frank need to help his Uncle Pat deliver newspapers. Uncle Pat mistreats Frank however

12.14.1. Frank delivers the paper to a man named mr. Timoney, a well read, well-traveled mans Contrast between the teachers and the freethinking of mr. Timoney Mr. Timoney introduces Frank to a book by Jonathan Swift. A satire where Frank can relate with. Frank gets a job reading to mr. Timoney Angela is thrilled that Frank has two jobs

12.14.2. Declan insults Uncle Pat Mr. Timoney helps out frank and Uncle Pat As some time passes Mr. Timoney is pronounced demented

12.15. Father Malachy uses the money from the Grandfather for Alphonsus to drink

12.15.1. Angela sends the boys to search for their dad Frank steals a man's fish and chips He feels guilty an confesses right away Frank finds his father singing in a pub at night. he is angry but calms down beacause of the look in his fathers eyes

12.16. Hatred of the English is talked about among the children

12.17. Peter Dooley offers to let Frank, Billy and Mickey watch his sisters naked

12.17.1. Mikey climb the drainpipe but falls down

12.17.2. The mother of Peter finds out and tells Angela to let frank go to confession Angela won't let her son go to confession before his Confirmation

12.18. Frank is confirmed afterwards Frank get's a nosebleed and is to sick to make his collection

12.18.1. The doctor diagnoses frank with typhoid fever

12.18.2. Frank goes to the hospital Frank's father visits him and kisses him on his forehead for the first time, which makes hime very happy Frank meets a girl named Patricia and Seamus, an old man who cleans the hospital Patricia introduces Frank to Shakespear

12.19. Frank gets better and returns home where he finds out he has to repeat his fifth year.

12.19.1. Frank writes an essay that impresse Mr. O'Dea to let him pass to the sixth year

12.20. Families in their street are getting welthier because they fight in WW2 in England

12.20.1. Frank's father decides to go to England as well to work in a munition factory Angela promises the boys an egg on every Sunday. A luxury unimaginable to Frank However Malachy never sends money to the family

12.21. Frank needs to go to the hospital because of his infected eye

12.21.1. There he sees Seamus an mr. Timoney.

12.21.2. When he returns he learns his father has "gone mad with the drink"

12.22. Angela gets sick and calls out for lemonade

12.22.1. Frank steals two bottles outside a pub

12.22.2. He steals more food from the rich part of town They go door to door asking for fuel but they have to resort to stealing fuel from rich backgardens

12.22.3. The doctor diagnoses her with pneumonia and needs to go to hospital The boys go to Aunt Aggie to stay with her Aggie hits the boys. Frank writes to his father. Malachy returns to look after his children. He moves to England again as soon as Angela gets better

12.23. Angela is beggin for food outside the church, this saddens Frank greatly

12.24. Frank starts a soccer team. He got inspired by an old red dress of his mother. He cut the dress into uniforms for the soccerteam which he called "The Red Hearts of Limerick"

12.24.1. He learns that his parents were wed only six months prior of his birth.

12.24.2. The boys win a game of soccer against a group of rich boys

12.25. Mickey Molloy turns 16 and gets his first pint in the pub. Franks joins them and gets a lemonade.

12.25.1. Frank asks Mickey what it means to be born that early. Micky tells him he is doomed because he is a bastard Because of this dininely win Frank is convinced his soul is not doomed

12.26. Frank starts delivering coal to his neighbor, Mr. Hannon

12.26.1. Frank feels manly because of his job Some boys from school even get jelous and ask for a good word at the coal yard

12.26.2. Mr. Hannon is kind to Frank and tells him to go to school and read

12.26.3. Frank's eyes get irritated by the coal dust and has to stop Mr. Hannon's legs get worse. He gets hospitalized. Mrs. Hannon tells Frank he was like a son to Mr. Hannon. Frank cries after hearing this

12.27. Malachy returns for Christmas one day later than promised with a half-eaten box of chocolates

12.27.1. Sheep's head for dinner

12.27.2. After the dinner Malachy leaves again

12.28. The family takes in pour women, old men and sick animals from time to time

12.29. Angela is 4 weeks late on rent there is no money

12.29.1. The family has to burn one of the inernal walls for firewood. they leave the beam that is supporting the roof. but one day wehn it is freezing they take it out, resulting in the roof collapsing They get kicked out of their home and they have to live with Angela's cousin Frank wants to cycle with his friends, but he doesn't own a bike. He makes a deal with Laman to let him borrow his bike.

12.30. Frank's teacher Mr. O'Halloran convinces Angela that her son is intelligent and should continue school instead of work

12.30.1. The postoffice supervisor offers Frank a promotion as Telegam messenger.

12.30.2. His teacher tells him to go to America

12.30.3. One day Frank forgets to do a chore he made the deal for and gets into a fight with Laman. Frank leaves the house and stays with Uncle Sheehan

12.31. Angela sends Michael to fetch Frank. It pains Frank to see his brother in broken shoes and ripped clothes

12.31.1. Uncle Ab refuses to give Frank food. Frank steals food from wealthy houses. He feels guilty afterwards

12.32. When Frank turns 14 his Aunt Aggie takes him clothes shopping

12.32.1. Frank starts working at the post office as a temporary worker when he gets his first pound he takes out his brother for food and a film. he decides to save up money every week so he can finance his trip to America

12.32.2. He gives a telegram to the mother of someone he knew. She has become far welthier than as she began

12.32.3. He helps out the sick when he is working

12.32.4. He meets a girl named Theresa Carmody who takes care of Frank's injuries after a fall from his bike. they have sex Frank goes to see Theresa for weeks Theresa gets hospitalized and dies the next week Frank is worried for het soul

12.33. Frank has to deliver a condolence telegraph to an Englishman, mr. Harrington, who has lost his wife. He forces Frank to drink sherry.

12.33.1. As mr. Harrington leaves to get more alcohol. Frank is worried about Harrington's wife, who is a protestant. Frank decides to baptize her with the sherry Mr Harrington finds out and stuffs a ham sandwich in Franks mouth. Mr. Harrington tells the post office and gets Frank fired. But the priest calls in and gets Frank rehired Frank decides to work for a protestant newspaper

12.34. On the night of his 16th birthday, Frank goes to the pub for his first pint. Because Malachy isn't around, Pa Keating is taking Frank.

12.34.1. Frank gets drunk and wants to confess before he turns 16. He gets sent away because he is so drunk

12.34.2. He goes home and picks a fight with Angela about Laman. He slaps her in anger.

12.35. Frank goes to church where he is angry and sad at everything that has happend to him. A priest talks with him about it

12.36. He sells a bunch of articles that are seen unfit for the public. He saves 8 pound and spends one pound on his depts and a big dinner for his family

12.36.1. Frank becomes the senior boy

12.36.2. Malachy jr works at a wellthy Catholic private school but gets fired and moves to England

12.37. Frank works three more years at Easons and writing letters for Mrs. Finucane. The woman dies and Frank takes 57 pounds from her purse and trunk. He clears all people's dept from her book

12.37.1. Frank has enough money for the trip to New York

12.37.2. He tells his mother, who cries after hearing the news

12.37.3. The family throws a party before Frank's departure

12.37.4. On board Frank gets homesick and remenisens about his family.

12.38. He goes to Manhattan. The ship rerouts to Albany. Frank gets invited to a party with a group of women

12.38.1. "Isn't this a great country alltogether?" "Tis."