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Observations by Mind Map: Observations

1. Customers

1.1. Demographics

1.1.1. Female age 16-45 Most are actively engaged in the experience testing items talking to staff Talking about products with friends look confident in the store--they know what they are doing! A few look like first timers--hesitant

1.1.2. Male age 30+ Shopping alone, likely for partner/wife appear overwhelmed and lost witnessed two men leave without purchasing no interactions with products only 2-3 men our of 25 customers

1.2. Interactions

1.2.1. Interactions with staff Staff use standard greeting, "Can I help you find anything?" about 1/2 of customers say they are "just looking"

1.2.2. Interactions with each other Most shopping alone or in pairs Pairs appear to be friends rather than family Those in pairs seem to enjoy showing each other things, and asking their friends opinions

1.2.3. Interactions with products Most people browsing cosmetics in the centre of the store

2. Staff

2.1. Appearance

2.1.1. Demographics Multi racial Staff ethnic makeup reflects that of customers floor staff between age 20-30 Some are makeup artists Some are skin care experts Stylish hair and makeup Management between age 30-40

2.1.2. Uniform/Clothing Staff wear red and black smocks Smocks are tailored to appear like something a clinician might wear Management wear all black This appears to be their own clothing

2.2. Interactions

2.2.1. Interactions with each other All staff /managers wear headset ear pieces staff are staggered around the store evenly Staff do not appear to spend time talking with each other in person

2.2.2. Interactions with customers polite and friendly Greeter at the front entrance hands out shopping baskets Some staff appear bored Was asked by three staff if I needed any help

3. Environment

3.1. Ambience and appearance

3.1.1. Upbeat pop music

3.1.2. Brightly lit

3.1.3. Clean and modern decor Black, white and red motif Large pictures of models along walls in different makeup looks

3.2. Store layout

3.2.1. All products organized by brand

3.2.2. Centre of store Six makeover stations, one being used Cosmetics organized by brand Sephora line in the middle of the store, highest traffic area Cash register in centre, behind makeover stations

3.2.3. wide aisles can accommodate strollers

3.2.4. Perimeter of store Skin care at the back No people were seen browsing skin care Fragrances on the left Hair care on the right

3.2.5. Checkout area Four check out stations, only two open between 4-6 people in line at any given time Customers have to walk around cash area to get to two of the check out stations--not intuitive where to walk or who is next. In centre of store enclosed by product shelving

4. Products

4.1. Products are high-end

4.1.1. Prices range from $30-$100+ per item Prices are displayed on each product

4.1.2. Brands are well known and prestigious, many are tied to celebrities

4.1.3. Many brands are only available at Sephora stores

4.2. Cosmetics make up majority of store

4.2.1. The Sephora line is in the centre of the store, in the highest-traffic area

4.2.2. all products have testers Testers are well used by customers Tissues, q-tips and alcohol swabs are readily available throughout the store to encourage testing

4.3. Product info is accessible via technology in store

4.3.1. Interactive touch screens Colour IQ for makeup matches skin tone with produts Fragrance IQ helps customers choose a perfume Skin care IQ asks users to identify skin care issues and suggests products A Sephora account it required to use Placed on perimeters of store--not obvious

4.3.2. Products that are sold out can be ordered online in store

4.3.3. Did not witness any customers using these technologies Too high barrier? Customers don't want any more emails?

4.4. Many products, many brands

4.4.1. Don't know which products are best for you Many colours, skin tones for makeup Many skin care products that claim to do the same thing (eg. reduce oily skin, fade spots)--how to choose The paradox of choice--too many choices and we choose nothing Women who only want basics

4.4.2. people looking for a gift but don't know what to get number of products can feel overwhelming Nothing specifically offered as "gift suggestions"

5. Store window

5.1. Two makeover stations at the front of store windows, none being used

5.2. At first glance, size and scope of products seems overwhelming