Car rental kiosk - Palm Springs airport

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Car rental kiosk - Palm Springs airport by Mind Map: Car rental kiosk - Palm Springs airport

1. Staff

1.1. Front counter assistant x 4

1.1.1. Duties Admin Process existing reservation Sales Offer car (if no reservation) Upsell car selection Upsell refuelling Upsell insurance Propose add-ones (GPS, etc) Customer care Greet customer Offer directions Answer phones

1.1.2. Demeanour Brusque Rushed Indifferent Unfriendly

1.2. Manager x 1

1.2.1. Duties Mitigate customer complaints Discount vouchers Free upgrades Apologize repeatedly Direct counter staff

1.2.2. Demeanour Embarrassed Rushed Distracted

1.3. Lot attendant x 2

1.3.1. Duties Bring keys from lot to counter Check outgoing cars Check in incoming cars

1.3.2. Demeanour Do not interact with customers Impatient with counter staff

2. Customers

2.1. Demographics (apparent)

2.1.1. Single business people

2.1.2. Vacation travelers Seniors Families with young children Couples 40-55

2.2. Physical state

2.2.1. Hungry

2.2.2. Fatigued

2.2.3. Stiff/sore

2.2.4. Jet lagged

2.3. Mental state

2.3.1. Stressed

2.3.2. Irritable

2.4. Demeanour

2.4.1. Rushed

2.4.2. Impatient

3. Customer experience

3.1. Wait times

3.1.1. 30-45 minute wait in line

3.1.2. 10 minutes processing at counter

3.1.3. Additional 10-15 minutes wait for keys

3.2. Waiting in line

3.2.1. Jostling with passengers picking up bags at carousels

3.2.2. Conflicts among those in line (eg. disruptive children)

3.2.3. Confusion over wait - no communication

3.2.4. Customers commiserating with one another

3.3. Counter service

3.3.1. Unfriendly and abrupt service

3.3.2. Conflicts between customers and staff

3.3.3. Multiple escalations to management within 45 minutes

4. Kiosk

4.1. Physical setup

4.1.1. Front counter Computer terminals Phones Free paper maps Brochures of local attractions Info of available makes/models/prices Express line for members

4.1.2. Back office (setup not known)

4.1.3. Waiting area Cordons to control lineup No seating

4.1.4. Car lot

4.2. Location

4.2.1. Next to baggage carousels

4.2.2. Adjacent to main exit

4.2.3. Ground level

4.2.4. Alongside other rental companies

4.3. Atmosphere

4.3.1. Disorderly

4.3.2. Noisy