Codes and Conventions of an Electro Pop Music Video

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Codes and Conventions of an Electro Pop Music Video by Mind Map: Codes and Conventions of an Electro Pop Music Video

1. What is an Electro Pop music video?

2. Electropop is a musical genre which combines electronic music and pop music. the genre has seen a revival of popularity and influence since the 1980's, all the way to 2010. this genre features the sympathizer as the dominant music instrument. electropop songs are electronic and pop songs at heart. often with simple, catchy hooks and simple dance beats , but differing from those of electronic dance music genres in that the song writing is emphasised over simple dance ability. electropop is characterised by distinctive low frequency synthesizer which might variously be described as crisp, crunchy, fuzzy, warm, distorted, dirty or dry.

3. Mise En Scene

4. location settings of an electropop genre are normally based in populated areas such as nightclubs and house party's. shots such as wide shots of the settings are common in these genres. in term of lighting, there is a mixture , videos can most commonly feature bright coloured lights to fit connotations of a lively atmosphere (as featured in our video) although is mainly common for these videos to be set in the night time, to therefore more low key lighting. the main character is normally the victim of some fatality (heartbreak, substance abuse). in terms of costume, this can change dependent on the nature of the video, for example some videos may introduce characters with more vibrant clothing to fit a party setting, whereas others may choose to use more subtle close (such as casual jeans and top) as can be see in our video 'Stay High'

5. Cinematography

6. -Very wide shots- this is where the artist is shown visible but the emphasis on placing the artist in the location/setting. -Wide shot- this is where the artist is seen taking up most the shot although the setting is still focused on. -Mid shot- this shows the artist from his/her waist to head and focuses mainly on the subject but still giving an impression of the location. -Close-ups- this shot shows the artists face or can show an object that is seen to be significant to the video, therefore being an important identifier to the audience.

7. Intertextuality

8. intertextuality refers to the concept of taking different pieces of inspiration to make one project. this shows reference to different concepts of media. one example of this can be seen in Iggy azaleas music video 'fancy' which features Iggy in a high school setting wearing the infamous clueless yellow checked outfit, this shows how the music video has relations to the film clueless.

9. Narrative and Audience

10. The common narrative shown in electro pop music videos is not prominent. Videos are mostly an upbeat party vibe featuring lots of young people having fun in a lively atmosphere. Music video narratives tend to not emphasise on the songs lyrics. this can be seen in music video 'all my friends' that features a collection of young people outside a club who are all drunk, with artists lip-synching the lyrics to the audience, we can see that there is no narrative in this particular video which very generically just features young people being drunk. although some do differ from the ordinary such as our chosen track 'stay high' this video does feature young people intoxicated although the video does follow a narrative to the lyrics , featuring a depressed female who is reliant of getting intoxicated in order to escape her unhappy reality.

11. Voyeurism

12. Voyeurism is the concept that artists in the music industry are purposely provocative in order to appease the expectations laid out for them by the music industry.

13. occurring commonly across all music video genres, woman are subject to being sexualised in order to keep up with the expectations within the music industry. this often demonstrates woman wearing little clothing that would be tight and revealing, along with provocative dance moves to catch male attention. examples of this can be seen in Beyoncé's 'blow' music video that features her along with other woman in tight t-shirts and hot pants on rollerblades dancing sexually to the music.

14. although voyeurism is seen more commonly among female music artists. its also important to analyse male voyeurism. males also feel pressured to live up to the typical athletic bodied stereotype that lives a luxurious wealthy lifestyle. males in this genre can also be seen to occupy the role of being centre of female attention, with videos often contributing female dancers in the background as well as the men and women dancing with each other. examples of this can be seen in Robin Thickes video 'blurred lines' which features Robin and Pharrell williams in expensive suits being the subject of attension to sexually objectified woman with trim figures and little clothing.

15. Editing

16. Generally, editing in electro pop music videos is face pace to fit the tempo and beat of the track. Although like any editing, the most important role is that the editing matches the track in every moment. For example, the beat of our song mixes between being slow paced in the intro and outro, although speeding up during the climax in the chorus. This encourages the editing supporting the track to be slow with longer shots during the intro and outro though quick and fast pace featuring short shorts during the chorus.