French- Ms Ashby

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French- Ms Ashby by Mind Map: French- Ms Ashby

1. Units

1.1. We have done six units in french

1.2. Each class we get work to do and then we correct the work together

1.3. My french has improved since the start of the year

2. speaking

2.1. This is my worst topic

2.2. I find it difficult to pronounce the words

2.3. I got 20 out of 22 for the speaking exam

3. Wrtting

3.1. I have improved in my writting skills

3.2. I have learnt a few verbs which help in my writting skills

4. Reading

4.1. I find reading easier then the other topics

4.2. I beleive i understand the main words

4.3. I still need to improve

5. Exam

5.1. We have already finished all our exams for french

5.2. Which is helpful because i don't need to worry about french now