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SPACE by Mind Map: SPACE

1. saturn

2. earth

2.1. earth is the planet we live on. It has many different features that make it amazing and unique. Earth has many continents as part of the earth where we live.


3.1. There are many beautiful galaxies in space one of them being the milky way another the whirlpool galaxy. The galaxies are beautiful.

3.2. The word galaxy came from the Greek word Galaxias.

3.3. galaxies include the whirlpool galaxy, the milky way, the irregular galaxy and the elliptical galaxy. These are the 4 main galaxies.

3.4. dwarfs and supergiants, The sun is like a star. Like most stars the sun is like a ball of very hot gas that gives off huge amounts of light, heat and other radiation. thus radiation is from the nuclear reaction of its core.


4.1. mars