What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. Using mindmeister

2. I thought that doing a minimap would allow me to get a little more creative with my work.

3. After seeing the example of it in the module I became intrigued and thought I should try making one myself.

4. What I thought technology was before.

4.1. (aka2.com, 2017) Devices we use to make work easier

4.2. The devices we carry around with us everyday

4.3. (elearningindustry.com, 2016) The gadgets we use for entertainment and recreational pruposes.

5. Final thoughts on technology

5.1. While doing this activity I have arrived at the conclusion that technology could never have one general definition. It has many definitions and this is because many people think of technology in different ways. Some may think of technology from a business perspective, or others may think of it from a scientific perspective and others may just think of it as something we need in our daily lives. One thing I have come to the conclusion of is that its because of technology that we are able to live to this very day.

6. Creative aspect

6.1. Why I chose to create a minimap?

7. "While science, thus is essentially a contemplative undertaking, technology is an activity that involves the making of things. In a broad sense, yes, they do compliment each other but only loosely and generally."( Far Eastern Economic Review, 2000)

8. "knowledge is closely since the pure disposal of technology is not sufficient for successful implementation. In the majority cases especially in complex technology, knowledge is required for successful international transfer."(Richard Li-Hua, 2006)

8.1. "Knowledge consists of three principle categories:"

8.1.1. Applied Science

8.1.2. Skills

8.1.3. Intuition

9. "In nineteenth century English, technology was a somewhat specialized term sharing a common set of meanings with its cognates in French and German. These meanings centered on technology as a field of study concerned with the practical arts; except n anomalous usage, they did not refer industrial processes or artifacts."(Schatzberg, Eric, 2006)

10. "To borrow a concept from political science, technical innovation functions like a sort ratchet effect. Scale and complexity are always torqued up, never released or diminished. And this makes it hard to understand the pervasive thing that we call technology."(L.M. Sacasas, 2014)

11. What I learned from the module

12. What I think it is now

12.1. "Technology is intervention by design: the use of practical and intellectual resources to develop products and systems that expand human possibilities by addressing needs and realising opportunities."( IAN FETTES, 2015)

12.2. "The meaning of "technology" has remained unstable in the second half of the twentieth century when it evolved into an annoyingly vague abstraction. In a single author`s writing, the term could be used as both cause and effect, as both object and process."( David.E. Nye, 2006)

12.3. '"I describe technology as any tool or process created or used by human to solve a need."(Taylor Halverson , 2015)

12.4. What Is technology?

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