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Electricity by Mind Map: Electricity

1. Relationship to Atoms

1.1. Atoms are composed of

1.1.1. Protons (+)

1.1.2. Neutrons

1.1.3. Electrons (-) Valence/Free Electrons Travel Through

2. Circuits

2.1. Types

2.1.1. Closed Free electrons flow from - to + terminal of power source

2.1.2. Open Free electrons cannot flow around path; discontinuity exists

2.2. Components

2.2.1. Capacitors Store electrical energy

2.2.2. Resistors Oppose the flow of electric current Protect Components of circuit Can Create Light and Heat

2.2.3. Inductors Store electrical energy as magnetic energy

2.3. Properties

2.3.1. Related Through Ohm's Law (I = V/R) Voltage (V = I * R) Electric potential energy per unit charge Generated through Electromotive Force (EMF) Current (I = V/R) Gives number of electrons flowing Types of Current Electricity Resistance (R = V/I) Tendency to oppose current Dependent on material