Library of Congress Classification

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Library of Congress Classification by Mind Map: Library of Congress Classification

1. General Studies

1.1. Class A: General Studies

1.1.1. Subclass AC: Series & General Works

1.1.2. Subclass AE: Encyclopedias

1.1.3. Subclass AG: Dictionaries @ General Reference

1.1.4. Subclass AI: Indexes

1.1.5. Subclass AM: Museums and Museum Collections

1.1.6. Subclass AN: Newspapers

1.1.7. Subclass AP: Periodicals

1.1.8. Subclass AS: Academies & Academic Societies

1.1.9. Subclass AY: Yearbooks, Almanacs & Directories

1.1.10. Subclass AZ: History of Scholarship and Learning

2. Humanities

2.1. Class B: Religion and Philosophy

2.1.1. Subclass B: General Philosophy

2.1.2. Subclass BC: Logic

2.1.3. Subclass BD: Speculative Philosophy

2.1.4. Subclass BF: Psychology

2.1.5. Subclass BH: Aesthetics

2.1.6. Subclass BJ: Ethics

2.1.7. Subclass BL: Religions, Mythology & Rationalism

2.1.8. Subclass BM: Judaism

2.1.9. Subclass BP: Islam, Bahaism, Theosophy, etc.

2.1.10. Subclass BQ: Buddhism

2.1.11. Subclass BR: Christianity

2.1.12. Subclass BS: The Bible

2.1.13. Subclass BT: Doctrinal Theology

2.1.14. Subclass BV: Practical Theology

2.2. Class C: Auxiliary Sciences To History

2.2.1. Subclass C: General

2.2.2. Subclass CB: History of Civilization

2.2.3. Subclass CC: Archaeology

2.2.4. Subclass CD: Diplomatics, Archives & Seals

2.2.5. Subclass CE: Chronologies & Calendars

2.2.6. Subclass CJ: Numismatics (Coinage)

2.2.7. Subclass CN: Inscriptions & Epigraphy

2.2.8. Subclass CR: Heraldry

2.2.9. Subclass CS: Genealogy

2.2.10. Subclass CT: Biography

2.3. Class D: History of the Old World

2.3.1. Subclass D: General History

2.3.2. Subclass DA: History of the British Isles

2.3.3. Subclass DAW: History of Central Europe

2.3.4. Subclass DB: History of Austria, Hungary, Lichtenstein, the Czech Republic & Slovakia

2.3.5. Subclass DD: History of Germany

2.3.6. Subclass DE: Greco-Roman History

2.3.7. Subclass DF: History of Greece

2.3.8. Subclass DG: History of Italy

2.3.9. Subclass DH: History of Belgium & Luxembourg

2.3.10. Subclass DJ: History of the Netherlands

2.3.11. Subclass DJK: History of Eastern Europe

2.3.12. Subclass DK: History of Russia, Poland and the former Soviet Union

2.3.13. Subclass DL: History of Scandanavia

2.3.14. Subclass DP: History of Spain & Portugal

2.3.15. Subclass DQ: History of Switzerland

2.3.16. Subclass DR: History of the Balkans

2.3.17. Subclass DS: History of Asia

2.3.18. Subclass DT: History of Africa

2.3.19. Subclass DU: History of Oceania

2.3.20. Subclass DX: History of the Romani

2.3.21. Subclass DC: History of France

2.4. Class E: History of the United States

2.4.1. E11-E99: Native American History

2.4.2. E101-E135: Exploration of the United States

2.4.3. E151-E909: History of the United States

2.5. Class F: History of the Americas

2.5.1. F1-F975: United States Local History F1-F105: New England States F16-F30: Maine F31-F45: New Hampshire F46-F60: Vermont F61-F75: Massachusetts F76-F90: Rhode Island F91-F105: Connecticut F106-F205: The Mid-Atlantic States F116-F130: New York F131-F145: New Jersey F146-F160: Pennsylvania F161-F175: Delaware F176-F190: Maryland F191-F205: District of Columbia F206-F475: The Southern States F221-F235: Virginia F236-F250: West Virginia F251-F265: North Carolina F266-F280: South Carolina F281-F295: Georgia F306-F320: Florida F321-F335: Alabama F336-F350: Mississippi F366-380: Louisiana F381-F395: Texas F406-420: Arkansas F431-F445: Tennessee F446-F460: Kentucky F461-F475: Missouri F476-F590: The Old Northwest States F486-F500: Ohio F521-F535: Indiana F536-F550: Illinois F561-F575: Michigan F576-F590: Wisconsin F590.3-F705: The Midwest States F601-F615: Minnesota F616-F630: Iowa F631-F645: North Dakota F646-F660: South Dakota F661-F675: Nebraska F676-F690: Kansas F691-F705: Oklahoma F721-F850: The Southwestern & Intermountain Western States F726-F740: Montana F741-F755: Idaho F756-F770: Wyoming F771-F785: Colorado F791-F805: New Mexico F806-F820: Arizona F821-F835: Utah F836-F850: Nevada F850.5-F970: Pacific States and Territories F856-F870: California F871-F885: Oregon F886-F900: Washington F901-F951: Alaska For Hawaii use: DU620-DU629

2.5.2. F1001-F1141: History of Canada

2.5.3. F1141-F1141.2: History of British Colonies in North America

2.5.4. F1170: History of French Colonies in North America

2.5.5. F1201-F1392: History of Mexico

2.5.6. F1421-F1577: History of Central America F1421-F1440: History of Central America F1435-F1435.3: History of the Maya F1441-F1457: History of Belize F1461-F1477: History of Guatemala F1481-F1497: History of El Salvador F1501-F1517: History of Honduras F1521-F1537: History of Nicaragua F1541-F1557: History of Costa Rica F1561-F1577: History of Panama

2.5.7. F1601-F2191: History of the West Indies

2.5.8. F2251-F2299: History of Colombia

2.5.9. F2301-F2349: History of Venezuela

2.5.10. F2351-F2471: History of Guiana F2361-F2391: History of British Guiana (Guyana) F2401-F2431: History of Dutch Guiana (Surinam) F2441-F2471: History of French Guiana

2.5.11. F2501-F2659: History of Brazil

2.5.12. F2661-F2699: History of Paraguay

2.5.13. F2701-F2799: History of Uruguay

2.5.14. F2801-F3031.5: History of Argentina F3031-F3031.5: History of the Falkland Islands

2.5.15. F3051-F3285: History of Chile

2.5.16. F3301-F3359: History of Bolivia

2.5.17. F3401-F3619: History of Peru

2.5.18. F3701-F3799: History of Ecuador

3. Social Sciences

3.1. Class G: Geography, Anthropology & Recreation

3.1.1. Subclass G: General Geography, Atlases & Maps

3.1.2. Subclass GA: Mathematical Geography & Cartography

3.1.3. Subclass GB: Physical Geography

3.1.4. Subclass GC: Oceanography

3.1.5. Subclass GE: Environmental Sciences

3.1.6. Subclass GF: Human Geography & Anthrogeography

3.1.7. Subclass GN: Anthropology

3.1.8. Subclass GR: Folklore

3.1.9. Subclass GV: Recreation & Leisure

3.2. Class H: Social Sciences

3.2.1. Subclass H: General

3.2.2. Subclass HA: Statistics

3.2.3. Subclass HB: Economic Theory & Demography

3.2.4. Subclass HC: Economic History & Conditions

3.2.5. Subclass HD: Industries, Land Use & Labor

3.2.6. Subclass HE: Transportation & Communications

3.2.7. Subclass HF: Commerce

3.2.8. Subclass HG: Finance

3.2.9. Subclass HJ: Public Finance

3.2.10. Subclass HM: Sociology

3.2.11. Subclass HN: Social History, Social Problems & Social Reform

3.2.12. Subclass HQ: Family, Marriage & Women

3.2.13. Subclass HS: Secret & Benevolent Societies

3.2.14. Subclass HT: Communities, Classes & Race

3.2.15. Subclass HV: Criminology, Social Pathology & Public Welfare

3.2.16. Subclass HX: Socialism, Communism & Anarchism

3.3. Class J: Political Science

3.3.1. Subclass J: General Legislative & Executive Papers

3.3.2. Subclass JA: General Political Science

3.3.3. Subclass JC: Political Theory

3.3.4. Subclasses JF-JQ: Political Institutions & Public Administration JF: General JJ: in North America JK: In the United States JL: In the Western Hemisphere (outside of N. America) JN: In Europe JQ: In Asia, Africa & Oceania

3.3.5. Subclass JS: Local & Municipal Government

3.3.6. Subclass JV: Colonialism, Emigration & Immigration

3.3.7. Subclass JZ: International Relations

3.4. Class K: Law

3.4.1. Subclass K: Law in General, Jurisprudence

3.4.2. Subclass KB: Religious Law

3.4.3. Subclass KD: The Laws of the United Kingdom, Ireland, etc...

3.4.4. Subclass KE: Laws of Canada

3.4.5. Subclass KF: Laws of the United States

3.4.6. Subclass KG: Laws of Central America & the Caribbean

3.4.7. Subclass KH: Laws of South America

3.4.8. Subclasses KJ-KK: Laws of Europe

3.4.9. Subclasses KL-KW: Laws of Asia, Eurasia, Africa, Oceania & Antarctica

3.4.10. Subclass KZ: Law of Nations

3.5. Class L: Education

3.5.1. Subclass L: General

3.5.2. Subclass LA: History

3.5.3. Subclass LB: Theory & Practice

3.5.4. Subclass LC: Special Aspects

3.5.5. Subclass LD: Individual Institutions in the U.S.

3.5.6. Subclass LE: Individual Institutions in the Americas (outside of the U.S.)

3.5.7. Subclass LF: Individual Institutions in Europe

3.5.8. Subclass LG: Individual Institutions in Asia, Africa & Oceania

3.5.9. Subclass LH: College & School Magazines & Newspapers

3.5.10. Subclass LJ: Student Fraternities and Sororities in the U.S.

3.5.11. Subclass LT: Textbooks

4. Arts & Literature

4.1. Class M: Music

4.1.1. Subclass M: Music

4.1.2. Subclass ML: Music and Literature

4.1.3. Subclass MT: Instruction and Study

4.2. Class N: Art

4.2.1. Subclass N: Visual Arts

4.2.2. Subclass NA: Architecture

4.2.3. Subclass NB: Sculpture

4.2.4. Subclass NC: Drawing, Design & Illustration

4.2.5. Subclass ND: Painting

4.2.6. Subclass NE: Print Media

4.2.7. Subclass NK: Decorative Arts

4.2.8. Subclass NX: Arts in General

4.3. Class P: Languages & Literature

4.3.1. Subclass P: Philology & Linguistics

4.3.2. Subclass PA: Greek and Latin Language & Literature

4.3.3. Subclass PB: Celtic Languages

4.3.4. Subclass PC: Romance Languages

4.3.5. Subclass PD: Germanic & Scandinavian Languages

4.3.6. Subclass PE: English Language

4.3.7. Subclass PF: West Germanic Languages

4.3.8. Subclass PG: Slavic, Baltic & Albanian Languages

4.3.9. Subclass PH: Uralic & Basque Languages

4.3.10. Subclass PJ: Asian Languages & Literature

4.3.11. Subclass PK: Indo-Iranian Languages & Literature

4.3.12. Subclass PL: East Asian, African & Oceanian Languages & Literature

4.3.13. Subclass PM: Hyperborean, Indian and Artificial Languages

4.3.14. Subclass PN: General Literature

4.3.15. Subclass PQ: French, Italian, Spanish & Portuguese Literature

4.3.16. Subclass PR: British Literature

4.3.17. Subclass PS: American Literature

4.3.18. Subclass PT: Germanic & Scandinavian Literature

4.3.19. Subclass PZ: Juvenile Fiction & Literature