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Home by Mind Map: Home

1. Who We Are

1.1. Officers

1.2. Staff

1.3. Students Working Against Tobacco (SWAT)

1.4. Subcommittees

1.5. Mission/Goals

1.6. Partners

2. Programs

2.1. Youth Prevention

2.1.1. Candy Flavored Tobacco Products Sweet Deceptions Photo Examples Fact Sheet

2.1.2. Tobacco Control Model Policies in K-12 School Tobacco-Free Policy Checklist School Board of Alachua County Tobacco-Free Policy Example of policies

2.1.3. Tobacco Retail Outlet Density GIS Map

2.2. Smoke-Free Spaces

2.2.1. Apartments & Condos (Multi-Unit Housing) Owners and Managers Benefits of going smoke-free How to become smoke-free Model smoke-free policy Prospective Tenants List of smoke-free housing Benefits of smoke-free housing Smoke-Free Apartment/Condo List

2.2.2. Organizations & Businesses Bars How to become smoke-free List of smoke-free partners

2.2.3. Smoke-Free Public Places Parks

2.3. Cessation

2.3.1. Florida Quitline

3. Calendar

4. Join Us

5. Contact Us

5.1. Email contact form

5.2. Social media

6. Blog/News