The Elements in Spiritual Growth

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The Elements in Spiritual Growth by Mind Map: The Elements in Spiritual Growth

1. Practice

1.1. Remove the darkness from within us

1.2. For our being to grow our ego must go

1.3. Purify the self will happen, either we will do our self or nature will do it for us, ie hell.

1.4. We can do it our self by studying the sciences and asking God for help.

1.5. One must win against the ordeal, trails of the elements.

1.6. When a trail with one element happens, one must use the other elements to help themselves through that trails.

1.7. One must use the quintessences to help with the elements.

2. Elements in the self

2.1. Air

2.1.1. mind Trails: face the loss of what we love, loss of personal security Test of psychological mobility, attachments, detachment

2.2. Fire

2.2.1. heart Trails: persecuted wronged, criticized, blocked, obstructed, betrayed. Test our temperature, serenity, sweetness

2.3. Water

2.3.1. stomach & sexual organs Trails: Changes of circumstances. Test our fluidity, adaptability, altruism, philanthropy

2.4. Earth

2.4.1. the body itself Trails: we be obstructed, have no way to proceed with our goals, be restrained or weighed down Test our solidity, perseverance, ability to deal with inconveniences.

3. Growth of the Inner Self

3.1. The spirit is the inner most

3.2. The growth of the inner most is the the growth of the ones spiritual being.

3.3. Its about connection with the inner most.

3.4. Relationship between the spiritual self and the body self.

3.5. The terrestrial self dies and the spiritual self lives on.

4. The Elements

4.1. The elements are not only physical, but subtle energy, vibration, frequency,

4.2. The ultimate source is the creator, who created the space, from it air, from it fire, from it water, from it earth, from it plants, from it animals, from it man.

4.3. Space

4.3.1. Expansiveness Attributes of the absolute Black

4.4. Air

4.4.1. Mobility Flexibity Blue

4.5. Fire

4.5.1. Tempreture Temperament Red

4.6. Water

4.6.1. Fulidity Ability of flexibility White

4.7. Earth

4.7.1. Solidity Firmness Strength

4.8. We must be able to command these elements within us before we are able to command the elements outside. Because each atoms have consinuess.

4.9. Prophets and priests were able to perform miracles because they had control of these elements on the inside. Because the command unto the elements on the outside came from the inside.