Cultural Considerations: US

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Cultural Considerations: US by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations: US

1. Religion

1.1. 70.6% of American believes in Christianity.They believe that christian in commerce should not desire "to get another's goods or labour for less than it is worth".


2.1. Firm handshake. Making good eye contact. introduction includes one's title. Business cards exchange at the end of the meeting. not at the beginning.


3.1. Gift giving is not expected but appreciated. Bottles of expensive wine and not flowers. Keeping your distance. Light slap on the back shows a sign of friendship.

4. Holidays and celebration

4.1. They have approximately 10 public holidays but they according the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employer does not require payment for time not worked, such as vacations or holidays .

5. Customs

5.1. Greetings:You shake hands when you meet someone and you shake hands firmly.Some gives light hugs,where you just put arm around her back and just touch her head lightly if you know the person well


6.1. There is a public school, private school and home school. The grading system is by average GPA. Academic year usually begins in August or September till the end of May or June.