Cultural Considerations: North Korea

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Cultural Considerations: North Korea by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations: North Korea

1. Business Etiquette - Business hours: 0800 - 1700 - Women are only allowed to work under restricted laws - hierachihal strucure minors bow to majors. In certain scenarios, they kneel

2. Communication Refrain from talking about the Supreme Leader

3. Communication protocols Everything has to be decided by the higher authorities such as government officials not allowed to talk about the government. Failure to do so will result to imprisonment or death Low education level

4. Holiday and Celebrations - North Korea has 71 public holidays including Sundays. - Missile and nuclear tests are regularly carried out on important occasions - wear hanbbok during festivals

5. Customs - Endless supply of wine for state sponsored banquettes. - Always remove your shoes before entering - You have to frame a picture of Kim Jong Un - People cannot refer to the country as North Korea, DPRK is only acceptable - Receive gifts with both hands - They are refrained from buying imported goods - Cannot wear colourful clothes

6. Religion 64% of the population are atheists Remaining is split between Buddhism and Korean Shamanism Public religion is discouraged by the government They are encouraged to believe that Kim Jong Il was abdicated by god from above