Cultural Considerations: Australia

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Cultural Considerations: Australia by Mind Map: Cultural Considerations: Australia

1. Gift giving etiquette :

1.1. Gift giving etiquette : In Australia, it is not a common etiquette for gifts to be given in their business culture. It could be mistaken as a form of bribery and it is looked down upon. However if you are invited to an Australian’s home, it is permissible to bring a token gift of flowers, chocolates, handy craft from your home region, or wine.

2. Religious belief

2.1. Most of Australians classify themselves as Christian, while the rest consist of Catholics, Anglican, or free thinkers. Therefore you must be honest and maintain a good reputation towards your partners and employees..

3. Customs

3.1. Australians are generally not formal, so greetings, even initial greetings, are casual and laid back. It’s common to shake hands and Australians would normally just use first names to introduce people.

4. Education

4.1. Formal or Informal education plays a major role in the passing on and sharing of culture. Levels of education are a predictor of the wealth that countries will produce in the long run. Education is pivotal as it affects the availability of skilled workers, business functions, determines marketing strategies and might result in knowledge divide.

5. Business Etiquette

5.1. In first meetings, It is polite in Australia to shake someone’s right hand when you meet him or her for the first time. This is also customary for business practices. Australians are very straightforward and direct when it comes to business and they don’t need to have a long standing relationship with you before doing business.

6. Communication & Greetings

6.1. Aussies tend to be direct when they communicate and are quite self-depreciating in an effort to come across as humble, honest and relaxed about themselves.

7. Holidays & Celebration

7.1. Holidays are often tied to religion and may affect the availability of clients and staff. Aussies have certain public holidays such as Christmas Day, Labor Day, the Queen's Birthday, Australia Day, Good Friday and Easter Monday. However, different territories celebrate some holidays on different dates. For example, Western Australia celebrates the Queen's Birthday on the month of September whilst Southern Australia celebrates it on June.