Fashion from 18th century to the 20th Century

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Fashion from 18th century to the 20th Century by Mind Map: Fashion from 18th century to the 20th Century

1. The fashions in the 18th century

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1.1.1. During this time American fashion was still very much influenced by the French and British. Male attire: full-skirted knee-length coat, knee breeches, a vest or long waistcoat (whick could be sleeved), a linen shirt with frills and linen underdraws, silk stockings, and leather shoes with stacked heels of low or medium height. Females attire: The women mostly wear dress. Although the dress were very big and elaborate. The dress women wore to formal occasions. were called mantua. The mantua had an open-front silk fine wool gown with a train (more fabric that is in the back of the dress) and matching petticoats.

2. Fashions of the 20th century

2.1. 1900s: Feathered Hat

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2.1.2. Sometimes referred to as the"Plume Boom"Feathered hats were very popular. It was also seen as a form of showing someone's status by getting rare and beautiful feathers from birds. As a result, this decline the population of birds and the extinction of some.

2.2. Coco Chanel

3. Fashions in the present day

3.1. 2000- Now

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3.1.2. A lot of stlyes from long ago are returning, Ex. The corset that was invented and worn in the late 16th century for dresses. is now worn out side the clothes or established in the garment itself is common today.

4. Fashions in the 19th century

4.1. 1800 to 1810

4.1.1. “Fashion Timeline.” Vintage Fashion Guild, From 1800 to 1810, women's dresses had changed dramatically. The dresses were simpler and had lighter brushstrokes. In the first two decades, the style had uses classical Grecian drapery with its fluid lines in the styles at that time. The Bodices were cut to end under the bust, which achieved a high waisted that defined the silhouette. Necklines were low and sleeves were either long or short.

4.1.2. 1810-1820 During this time women's clothes became slightly more structured with padded hems and firmer fabrics. Even some dress had twills and taffeta. Some colors that were gone for 10 years returned.