Helen Jackson

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Helen Jackson by Mind Map: Helen Jackson

1. Multi-Disciplinary Team

1.1. Doctor (Royal College of Physicians of London, 2012)

1.1.1. Introduces the team to the patient

1.1.2. Provides update on Recent History Clinical Examination Reviews patients: Current problems Medication Information from patient and/or family and nurses Test results Responses to treatment

1.1.3. Reviews drug chart

1.2. Speech and Language Therapist

1.2.1. Provide support and care for children and adults who have difficulties with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing.

1.2.2. Can help with communication, eating or swallowing problems after having neurological impairments and degenerative conditions e.g. stroke, head injury, Parkinson and dementia. Voice problems Mental health issues Physical disabilities Learning difficulties Hearing impairment Stammering

1.3. Nurse (Royal College of Physicians of London, 2012)

1.3.1. Provides update Vital signs pain control Nutrition and Hydration Elimination (urine and bowels) Mobility Confusion or delerium

1.3.2. Quality and Safety Checks Review of IV lines Pressure Ulcers Falls Infection Control

1.4. General Practitioner (Health Careers, 2018)

1.4.1. Treat all common medical conditions

1.4.2. Refer patients to hospitals and other medical services for urgent and specialist treatment.

1.4.3. Focus on patients whole health including: physical, psychological and social.

1.4.4. Aim to keep patients in their own home making sure they are as well as they can be.

1.4.5. Tend to be the first point of contact for anxious patients with physical or mental health problems.

1.4.6. Support the holistic care of any patients including the elderly and healthcare professionals (nurses, midwives, health visitors, pharmacists etc.

1.4.7. Part of the large MDT, they meet regularly to discuss cases and plan joint approaches to co-ordinate packages of care.v

1.4.8. Play a vital role in safeguarding vulnerable adults and children.

1.5. Nursing Home Manager (Job is Job, 2018)

1.5.1. Meets patient families and friends

1.5.2. Conducts daily handover meetings

1.5.3. Manages work teams and nurses

1.5.4. Enforces health and safety regulations

1.5.5. Assessing patient care systems

1.5.6. orders supplies and equipment for the home

1.5.7. Orientating staff

1.5.8. Works with Doctors, hospital administrators and CQC inspectors.

1.6. Patient and Carers (Royal College of Physicians of London, 2012)

1.6.1. Provides update Current concerns Discussion with other health professionals Information from carers/family Arrangements for discharge

1.7. Pharmacists and Allied Health Professionals (Royal College of Physicians of London, 2012)

1.7.1. Drug chart review and medications

1.7.2. AHP's update care provided

1.7.3. AHP's discharge and follow up arrangements