Multimedia and ICT

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Multimedia and ICT by Mind Map: Multimedia and ICT

1. ICT

1.1. Radio

1.2. Television

1.3. Phones

1.4. Computer

1.5. Applications

2. Multimedia

2.1. Education

2.2. Entertainment

2.3. Business

2.4. Medicine

2.5. Mathematics and Scientific Research

2.6. Government

3. Digital Multimedia

3.1. Computer Hardware for Animation and Multimedia

3.1.1. Digital Cameras Compact Digital Cameras Digital Single-Lens Reflex

3.1.2. Video Cameras Professional Video Cameras Camcorder Digital Cameras

3.2. Sources of Videos

3.2.1. Personal and Professional Videos

3.2.2. Online Video Clips

3.2.3. Computer-Generated Videos

3.3. Audi and Video File Formats

3.3.1. Common Audio File Formats .aif .mindi .wav .mp3 .wma

3.3.2. Common Video File Formats .avi .flv .mkv .mov .mp4 .rm .swf .vob .wmv