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specialist web search

over 1,100 authoritative sources

tailored search based on thesaurus


country energy profiles

using open (government) data

energy-related info for all countries

key-statistics in user-friendly design


REEEP policy and regulatory overview

REEEP project outcome documents

UN data

World Bank data



DFID - UK Department for International Development

reegle's actors catalog

clean energy blog

21 authors

news, events and technology

always up-to-date

RSS feed

about 20,000 readers/month

extensive energy and climate glossary

over 1600 concepts


visualization of semantic relations


reegle's own



visualization of related concepts

based on specialist thesaurus

actor's catalog

directory for clean energy

over 1,700 stakeholders

regularly updated

includes ministries, companies, universities, utilities...


interactive map

visualize energy statistics and potentials

developer's portal

W3C standards, machine and human readable, RDF (Resource description framework), N3 and RDF/XML, open data license

SPARQL endpoint, find the data you need for free integration

reegle data free for re-use

complete actor's catalog

specialist thesaurus, SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organisation System), 1,500 concepts, full linked data capabilities, used for, glossary, intelligent search mechanism, automatic tagging of documents, automatic categorization of documents, as word-press plugin, API for automated tagging

REEEP project output documents and country energy reports

automated tagging of clean energy and climate online resources

content pool for related documents

free to use


reegle blog

reegle web search

reegle glossary

a REEEP service