Life After World War II

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Life After World War II by Mind Map: Life After World War II

1. Pop Culture in the 1950's Objective: Students should understand the depiction of popular culture during post-World War II, and be able to describe continued discrimination that minorities faced in America.

1.1. Assessment

1.1.1. The students fill out guided notes that accompany the teachers lecture. They are also questioned periodically for understanding, and writing their answers down. They take part of the think-pair-share activity with classmates as well as full class discussion.

1.1.2. The students are assessed at the end of the class period with an exit slip. The exit slip has a critical thinking question that checks for understanding but also stimulates the question of historical significance.

1.2. The teacher gives a presentation on Pop Culture in the 1950's. The teacher has multiple checkpoints throughout the lecture to check for understanding.

1.3. The students follow along with their guided notes to the teacher's lecture. The students also are checked for understanding by answering multiple critical thinking questions posed by the teacher. The students also fill out an exit slip that summarily assesses their overall understanding of the lecture.

2. Post WWII Advancements Objective: ​Students should be able to describe the technological breakthroughs that occurred after WWII and their lasting impact.

2.1. The students are given resources to help them understand the impact of these innovations. They will fill out the graphic organizer with this information and use it for the subsequent debates

2.2. Assessment

2.2.1. The students are assigned a specific advancement and will debate another student, addressing what they think is the most impactful innovation. The graphic organizer will be handed in at the end of the lesson.

2.3. The students will fill out a graphic organizer that outlines the origins and the impact of the innovations. The origins will be from information lectured by the teacher and the impact will be filled out with the handouts the teacher gives the students.

2.4. The teacher gives a short lecture on the 4 major technological advancements of WWII: The Polio Vaccine, Sputnik, the transistor, and UNIVAC. The origins of these innovation is covered during this lecture, followed by a Kahoot quiz.

3. Race Relations After WWII Objective: ​Students should understand the depiction of popular culture during post WWII, along with the continued discrimination that minorities faced in America.

3.1. The teacher will model how to annotate a primary source along with the additional strategies that are pertinent when analyzing a document.

3.1.1. Students will perform a "gallery walk" where they will walk to 4 different stations, analyzing 4 different documents about race relations that are significant to this period of time.

3.2. Assessments

3.2.1. Students will be placed into 4 groups where they will analyze and answer questions based on 4 different primary sources that accompany the gallery walk. Students will hand in the graphic organizer that houses the introduction, gallery walk questions, and exit slip. This will give the teacher information on the level of understanding the class has.

4. Truman's Labor Policy- Objective Students will be able to describe Truman's labor policy and analyze the opposition to it. They will be able to understand its lasting impact on the America's immigration and labor movements

4.1. Students will have be tasked with reading a document that incorporates Truman's Fair Deal and his labor policy along with congressional reaction to it. The teacher will read the first half, answering questions and moving at a pace that is suitable for the class.

4.1.1. Students will answer questions based on the document. The answers house information pertinent to the foldable timeline that students will be creating. This foldable timeline will house information that will outline Truman's executive powers during the "Fair Deal."

4.2. Assessments

4.2.1. Students will create a timeline that outlines Truman's executive powers after WWII. The timeline will be discussed and ultimately given feedback on. The teacher will create a timeline on the board for the students to see and assess their own work. Students will perform a 3 minute quickwrite after the timeline addressing Truman's Fair Deal and its impact on today's policy. This exit slip along with the timeline will be turned in and given feedback on.