Helen Keller

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Helen Keller by Mind Map: Helen Keller

1. Tuscumbia, Alabama

1.1. Ivy Green

2. Anne Sullivan

2.1. Helen's new teacher

3. Kate and Arthur

3.1. Parents

4. June 27 1880 - June 1 1968

5. Became deaf and blind at 2 years

5.1. as a result of fever

6. Alexander Graham Bell

6.1. 1868, on advice from Alexander, Helen parents wrote to special school for the blind.

7. Signing on Helen's hand

7.1. Anne's new way of helping Helen to learn.

8. Water

8.1. The first word Helen understand -Anne signed the word on Helen's hand and then ran the water pump.

9. Braille

9.1. how Helen learnt to write.

10. New York, age 13

10.1. Helen moved with Anne. First student in the school that was both deaf and blind.

11. Hobbies

11.1. Horse Riding, Chess, Languages - French, German, Latin

12. Famous People

12.1. Helen met many Presidents of America - JFK in 1961 .

12.1.1. Also met author Mark Twain.

13. Very successful lady

13.1. First deaf -blind person to receive college degree.