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National unity by Mind Map: National unity

1. depression tore us apart: all of Canada were angry at the situation, all blamed Bennett because he took no action while these events were occurring.

1.1. relief camps: due to so much unemployment the government decided to set up work camps for single men with no jobs. men did a variety of jobs for 40 hours a week and were paid 20 cents a day.

1.2. the Ottawa trek: after a while, relief camp workers were getting sick of their living conditions and daily pay. protests began and a march to Ottawa began. over 1000 workers joined this march. the leaders of the march were all arrested and so were some of the workers.

2. ww2 involvement: in September 10 1939, Canada declared war against Germany under rule of Adolph Hitler.

2.1. happy or not: Canada was not happy entering the war because of its financial situation as it was just starting to pick up from the depression. money was not there for the country to but new artillery and guns to distribute to its armies.

2.2. women's role: women's role in ww2 changed from ww1. women were now in the navy, the air force. women were now recognized even more for their work.

3. Coping with the Great Depression: when the Great Depression hit Canada, the people had to find ways to cope with this Depression. Canadian entertainment and Canadian sports was a way they coped with it.

3.1. Canadian sports: sports became a way for people to cope with the depression. popular sports were baseball, bluenose ( schooner racing ), boxing, basketball, table hockey, hockey

3.2. films: in this time, films became very popular and were a go to place for many people. films like the wizard of oz, and gone with the wind were most popular at the time