Wealth and Gender Inequality * WOMEN

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Wealth and Gender Inequality * WOMEN by Mind Map: Wealth and Gender Inequality * WOMEN

1. Behaviour

1.1. daily routine and lifestyle

1.1.1. Describe your typical day/ month/year. what is that what you need to take care of most? (children, parents, household, work, frequent travel, etc) what are the regular monthly/annual payments you make? (rent, school, insurance, education, care, etc) what are the most expensive of those? Are you fine with covering these regular payments / do you experience any difficulties here? what are the special occasions you have to plan and pay for? (holidays, courses/education, birthdays/ weddings, etc)

1.1.2. Unpredicted events risks (medical, dental, accident) Do you have financial resources for it? Do you have protection for such cases? Overall - how protected do you feel financially (on 1-10 scale)? do you have a financial plan for such cases? loss of job what will you do in case you lose your job what is your partner loses his/ her job?

1.2. special goals (lifetime assets and liabilities)

1.2.1. Tell us about your dream / goal / your biggest wish. What are your plans for the future?

1.2.2. What are your plans for the future? Goal in life that need financial resources? Far beyond what would be funded by your regular income (e.g. start a business, have a family (children), study, travel (time off)l). what does it take to achieve this? how will you get there? are you planning to save/ invest to achieve this? Do you lack money to achieve this? are you missing anything at all on the way to achieving this? Retirement Do you have a retirement plan (savings)? What is it?

1.3. Do you save/invest money?

1.3.1. do you have savings or more or less everything you earn is being spent? Which kind of (bank, stock, life, etc)

1.3.2. How exactly do you do this? (services/products/tools) What is a total /monthly/weekly amount you are saving/investing? when did you start saving/investing and why? is it your own or family/household investment? do you think you have full controll? do you think you have all the information you need to manage your investments/savings?

1.3.3. How important is it for you to save/invest money? (rate 1-10) Why do you save/invest? (winning the market / this is how everybody it / i just need more money / i need money for actual goals - what are these goals? / i dont know other) OR What is the (potential) purpose of your savings/ investments? Eg - if I save/ invest, I want to be able in X number of years to eg buy a new home/ have a child / start a business / retire/ take a trip around the world/ etc?

1.3.4. Investments do you invest? (anything different from the bank cash/saving account) What prevents you from starting to invest? (eg you dont know how / this is a men's world / your partner already does this for both of you / other) if not, what are the obstacles? how? do you / did you pay back on time? Have you ever missed a payment deadline? what is your experience with investments? what is important for you when you choose your investment partner/ product?

1.4. Do you borrow money?

1.4.1. From whom (friends, family or financial institutions? How, how much? purpose how often

1.4.2. do you have any loans/ credit products? Why (purpose)? how often do you use them? do you have any unsecured debts?

1.4.3. lending money have you ever lended money? to whom, describe your experience what is important to you if you lend money? What is the basis for trust here? is personal relationship important here is the rate important to you? or just the fact that you get the money back?

1.5. Further education

1.5.1. do you like studing? Are you open to learning new things? what have you studied recently?

1.5.2. do you feel comfortable enough in money matters? would you like to learn more to be more confident in saving other than cash?

2. Technology

2.1. general

2.1.1. How do you keep yourself informed about current events? Which media are on your top list? on which devices?

2.1.2. What kind of gadgets are you you using? what do you mostly use them for? (emails, media, news, games)

2.1.3. how often do you use internet? What is your top 5 of the internet sites (any area)?

2.1.4. what top 5 apps you are using? why? How often do you use them? (games)

2.1.5. overall, how would you rate your digital skills? (1-10 scale)

2.2. tech solution

2.2.1. in financial area If you are searching for financial information / advice - which source do you use? Do you look for advice / solution on the internet? do you use online tools for your existing financial services? (banking/ insurance, etc) are you already using any Apps in financial services? What is it? How do you like it? Is it helpful? How often do you use it? How can it be improved? do you prefer to get advised by a professional/ adviser? do you have time for online learning? how much time would you be ready to spend on online education (finance or other)? do you maybe have a similar experience already? Would you consider using a tech solution to manage your finances/ savings / investments? OR are you already using one? What are key important features? What job does it have to do? What would make you trust such a tech solution? What has to be behind it, so that you trust it? Would you prefer to know all the background (how does it operate, how each investment decision is made, etc), or is it enough if you trust the platform (technology and people behind it)? If yes, what is it?

2.2.2. best example What is your favorite example of a tech solution (any area), which makes your life easier/ improves it? E.g. online banking, comparis, online shop, tickets agregator, etc. Explain what is so good about it?

2.2.3. bad example what services you are using offer a poor tech solutions? what exactly is wrong about them? Why are you still using them?

3. Finance

3.1. what does money mean to you? what do you need the money for?

3.2. potential vulnerability and access to financial products

3.2.1. financial services (explain what it is) general What financial services do you use? what do you need them for? list of financial service: e.g. trust and satisfaction - services Why did you choose these service providers/ tools? How satisfied are you with services you are using? How confident are you using them? (1-10 scale) do you feel secure/ protected/ confident enough with the services you have? is there anything what makes you feel uncomfortable about them? (eg not transparent enough, not sure how they work, price is to high, not sure i need them at all, etc) are you ok with sharing the personal information with the service provider? How much are you ready to share? overall experience with financial services did you have any negative experience? (eg bank account opening/closing / money was stolen from the card / personal data slolen / insurance did not pay / online tools do not work properly) what was the positive experience you can remember (provide example, what brand, what service, etc) community, ability to collaborate, discuss, co-own Would it be important for you ti be a part of the community when it comes to finance and money? Exchanging ideas, experiences, challenges, get the feeling of belonging. Collaborating and exchanging their opinions on certain providers.

3.3. Confidence in managing the money & financial literacy

3.3.1. financial literacy Please answer the following questions: Q1. Suppose you have CHF 100 in a savings account and the interest rate was two percent per year. After five years, how much do you think you would have in the account if you left the money to grow? A. More than CHF102 B. Exactly CHF 102 C. Less than CHF 102 D. I don't know Q2. Imagine that the interest rate on your savings account was one percent per year and inflation was two percent per year. After one year, how much would you be able to buy with the money in this account? A. More than today B. Exactly the same as today C. Less than today D. I don't know Q3. Do you think the following statement is true or false: Buying a single company stock usually provides a safer return than a stock mutual fund? what are the typical sources when you need to get more information on financial topics (media, family and friends, financial advisor)? do you know where to look for support / financial advisor?

3.3.2. How confident are you managing your money? credit do you prepare your tax return? do you require any help here? who helps you with it? do you pay bills yourself

3.3.3. would you like to learn more on the topic to be able to better manage your finances?

3.3.4. Would you rather prefer to have a trusted advisor to manage and improve your financial situation? Or is an advice from friends and family sufficient?

3.3.5. do you know what are the ways to save / invest money? would you like to learn more? what is the option you chose for you / would choose for you?

3.4. Current financial situation

3.4.1. How would you describe your current financial situation? (good & confident / in difficulty / surviving)?

3.4.2. do you have debts?

3.5. Do you have a plan for your financial future

3.5.1. how far back and what are the key parts of the plan?

3.5.2. if not, is it important to have one?

3.5.3. Do you have a financial adviser or do you plan to have one in the nearest future? what is a basis of trust here? How do you understand you can trust your "advisor" bank, advisor, family, friends, online tools, social media

3.6. Satisfaction with the current and future financial circumstances

3.6.1. overall satisfaction are you satisfied with your financial situation today? would you like to change / improve anything in it?

3.6.2. Current How much financial resources do you have now? What do you think your resources will be in the future? (what could be the source).

3.6.3. Future Do you feel confident about your financial future? Why? Retirement (if not covered in the section Behaviour) Do you have a retirement plan (savings)? What is it?

4. Core demographics

4.1. Personal details

4.1.1. general tell us about yourself name, age, education - highest degree

4.1.2. Job do you work full time? (self employed, own business or an employee?) are you satisfied with yuor current job(s)? do you have other sources of income?

4.2. family members

4.2.1. are you married / have a partner / divorced / widow

4.2.2. dependents: children / parents / other

4.2.3. how many family members do you have (household)?

4.2.4. do you family members experience any serious health problems? are there any related extra expenses?

4.3. Home

4.3.1. do you live in a house or in an apartment? do you rent or own? are you planning to buy one?

4.4. Family budget management

4.4.1. are your household incomes consolidated? How do you manage household income?

4.4.2. what is your household income (provide range)? is it sufficient for you/your family to support a comfortable life style? which areas would require improvement (more money)?

4.4.3. who owns/manages finance in your family? how exactly? describe the routine are you comfortable with it? would you like to change the set up? Why? What are the obstacles?

4.5. job&family

4.5.1. do your family members work or are you a sole earner? do you have other sources of income?

4.5.2. do they have other sources of income?