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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. tae kwan doe - I worked a spring break camp at the tae kwan doe place my brother went to. The owner was very nice and I could ask for an interview to work there again.

2. Sheri Holland - Family friend who is a dental hygienist. Could help me understand what it takes and possibly let me job shadow.

3. Karlie - A girl I worked with who told me about her second job at the El dorado and offered to get me an interview.

4. Neighbour - Used to be a principal, could tell me what its like and how to get a job as a principal.

5. Ms Price - My psychology teacher and counsellor, she could tell me about her job and where i could go to school for psychology and where to apply for jobs.

6. Emma - My friend who works at the mall, can tell me when stores are hiring and could get me an interview at her place of work.

7. Megan - My friend who recommended her job to me and helped me get an interview.

8. My Dad - I have worked the front desk at his office multiple times, which gives me work experience for my resume and life skills to get a job as a receptionist.

9. Whitney - I babysit for her because my aunt recommended me to her. She tells her friends about me and then I get more babysitting jobs.

10. Jay and Jen - My moms friends, who work at a summer camp in San Diego, they could get me a job as a counsellor or in the kitchen.

11. Helena - her mom owns the booster juice at the mall, she could get me an interview and possibly a job.

12. Dani and jaeli- My friends who works at independent grocers. They could get me an interview and help me get the hag of the job.

13. Ms Marton - My history teacher, I am interested in history, she could tell me about her job and introduce me to other people who know about history and where i should go to school for it.

14. Mikayla - My sister who has a job at a place I might like to work someday, and she knows one of the managers, so she could help me get an interview.

15. My Aunts - They have little kids that I have babysat on more than one occasion. They tell their friends about me and I get more babysitting jobs from their recommendation.