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Coherence integration in schools by Mind Map: Coherence integration in schools
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Coherence integration in schools

Lit. Review

School Culture Lit.

Institutional Coherence Lit.

Instructional Coherence Lit.


A gap exists within the education literature between coherence-as-alignment (accountability) and coherence-as-cultural (mission, vision, values, identity). Additionally, education has much literature on school cultural and curriculum alignment but rarely integrates them for mutual support. At the same time, the reality schools face requires them to interface with these two bodies of literature. Often, the curriculum alignment literature takes precedent because the funding mechanisms and/or mandates control these elements. School cultural takes on a secondary role, if any role at all depending on the pressure exerted by the accountability forces.

why does it matter?


If the two elements of coherence, instructional and cultural, are integrated successfully, education organizations will become much more efficient with resources and will hopefully improve overall performance.

Possible questions

RESEARCH QUESTION 1: What does the literature reveal about the integration of institutional, instructional and cultural coherence?

RESEARCH QUESTION 2: How do institutional policy documents reflect an integration of cultural and/or instructional coherence?