8th Grade Schedule

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8th Grade Schedule by Mind Map: 8th Grade Schedule

1. Students

1.1. All 7 classes

2. Classes

2.1. Time legnth of class

2.1.1. 35mins

2.1.2. 7 periods

2.1.3. 40 minute lunch

2.2. Subjects

2.2.1. Math

2.2.2. Science

2.2.3. English

2.2.4. World Studies

2.2.5. art

2.3. Classroom Space

2.3.1. less kids in class rooms

2.3.2. because the teachers will be less stressed out

2.3.3. students will be able to get more help

3. extra classes

3.1. cooking classes

3.2. typing classes

3.3. photography class

3.4. creativity class

3.5. it be you do what you want to do it like art but more freedom

3.6. English help class no ESOL

4. School should start at 7:00 am and end at 2:00 pm

4.1. half day on a Monday and on every third Friday a half day on Friday

4.2. we should walk with our chrome book and have a bag you can keep to Carrie your Chromebook in