- CUSTOM FIELDS - Feature Specifications

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- CUSTOM FIELDS - Feature Specifications by Mind Map: - CUSTOM FIELDS - Feature Specifications

1. Priority

1.1. Desired

2. Effort Estimation

2.1. Frontend

2.1.1. 5d

2.2. Backend

2.2.1. 3d

2.3. Quality Assuarance

2.3.1. 3d

3. Functional Area(s)

3.1. Setting up a custom field

3.1.1. There should be a “Custom Fields” section within “Manage Project”.

3.1.2. There it should be possible to create new custom field entries.

3.1.3. Each custom field is required to have a name, can optionally contain a description

3.1.4. Screen design

3.2. Using a custom field

3.2.1. Custom fields show up in the task detail view between the notes and the checklist items

3.2.2. Fields are editable inline!

3.2.3. Screen design

4. Use Case(s)

4.1. As a Scrum Master I want to be able to add a story point estimation to a task.

4.2. As a business user I want to be able to add client contact information (telephone number, email address) to a task.

5. Description

5.1. Users asked for the possibility to be able to customize the information on tasks to include things like task progression, costs, planned resources or workload, phone numbers, address information, emails etc.

5.2. This feature is currently among the most requested features by users.

6. Notes / Questions

6.1. The custom field feature is only available to users with at least a Pro plan.

6.2. The MVP will only contain a string type, this will later on get extended with numbers and dropdown types.

7. x