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Epiglottitis by Mind Map: Epiglottitis

1. Etiology- May be caused by infection (bacteria, viruses, or fungi), environmental agents (chemicals or burns), allergic reactions, or trauma.

2. Treatment- Handle the patient gently. Place the patient on 100% humidified Oxygen if the patient can tolerate it. If the patient is not in respiratory arrest, place the patient in a position of comfort and do not attempt IV access or to visualize the airway (repiratory arrest can be caused by minor irritation.) If patient shows signs of impending respiratory arrest, intubation should be attempted only once. If intubation fails, obtain orders to perform a needle cricothyroidotomy.

3. Description- Epiglottitis is the inflammation and swelling of the epiglottis. This swelling of the epiglottis could cause a partial or even complete airway obstruction.

4. Signs & Symptoms: Fever, unable to speak, unable to swallow(drooling of saliva), abrupt onset, stridor, sore throat