The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby

1. The Past

2. Symbols

2.1. The Green Light

2.1.1. Represents Gatsby Hopes and Dreams ¨I glanced seaward and distinguished nothing except a single green light, minute and far away, that might of been the end a dock.¨ Green Light

2.2. The eye of Dr. T.J Eckleburgs

2.2.1. The eyes of god ¨This hunting unblinking eyes of Doctor T.J Eckleburgs watch over everything in the valley of ashes.¨ The Eyes

2.3. The Valley of Ashes

2.3.1. Represents the people caught in between New York and West egg its like the slum ¨This is a Valley of Ashes a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque garden.¨ Valley of Ashes

3. Motifs

3.1. The East egg and The West egg

3.1.1. The East egg represents the old aristocracy. The West egg represents the newly rich.

3.2. Gatsby and Daisy's reunion

3.2.1. The great Gatsby is similar to Romeo and Juliet with Daisy's and Gatsby's reunion.

3.3. Gatsbies Parties

3.3.1. Gatsbyś parties happen over and over again. He keeps throwing multiple parties as a way to get Daisy to see over come over to one. 1920s party

4. Themes

4.1. The Withering American Dream

4.1.1. In the Story it represent the corruption. American Dreams

4.2. The Hollowness of the upper class

4.2.1. The New Rich Like Gatsby and old rich like Tom. Upper Class

4.3. The Past

4.3.1. Represent The love between Daisy and Gatsby.