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07/18 - Paradigms, Methodologies & Methods by Mind Map: 07/18 - Paradigms,
Methodologies & Methods
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07/18 - Paradigms, Methodologies & Methods

Tutorial Videos

Lorraine Ling

Determine what paradigm you will use when researching

Use both qualitative and quantitative research

Paradigm determines how you use qualitative and quantitative research

Mary O'Keefe

Choosing a theory, Think of your own beliefs

Be transparent about your own paradigm

Class Activity - Article Paradigms


Grounded Theory

The researcher enters the research without a theory

The theory is developed from the data/ data themes as the research progresses

Researchers have a set of beliefs at the start, These influence how the study is conducted

Assessment for Research Methods

Group Work

Do 3 case studies of the same topic

Can choose to do it individually, or 2 or 3


Written Research Proposal, 60%, 30th September

Peer Assessment, 10%, 5 Presentations, In class - 9th September, LMS - 16th September

Initial Proposal, 30%, 5th September - In Class, 12th September - LMS