John McCain Ad

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John McCain Ad by Mind Map: John McCain Ad

1. Context

1.1. Made for McCain supports, and for those who are undecided it is a push towards McCain

1.2. Purpose: to make voters believe in McCain and understand his platform.

2. Initial Reactions

2.1. The last quote is "john McCain the American President America has been waiting for".

2.2. I liked the use of the newspaper titles to reinforce what he is talking about (because the political language can be confusing).

2.3. In the beginning he says strong, powerful, convincing words like; stick together, stay strong, keep that faith.

2.4. Then the ad asks questions about what has McCain has done, like; "what kind of president does america want?"

2.5. Then the ad has a clip of McCain when he was in the war, which obviously makes him seem more american and there for more likable.

3. Visual Elements

3.1. Dark background

3.2. McCain is the focal point

3.2.1. He is always in the center

3.3. The light is only on McCain, again dark background

3.4. Use of newspaper ad titles to reinforce what McCain is saying.

3.4.1. Proves that others believe in McCain

4. Process

4.1. High quality

4.1.1. Professional lighting, and use of technology to put the newspaper ad titles in.

5. Final Reactions

5.1. The use of strong words in the beginning is used to get viewers "pumped up" and associate those words with McCain.

5.1.1. It is very reinforcing that he is the right choice, or like the choice has already been made and yes he was the right choice for President.

5.2. McCain is talking, the background is dark and you focus your whole attention on what him, makes the viewer concentrate on McCain and he is talking strong

5.3. The clip of John McCain when he was in the war on a hospital bed =make viewers think that he is more american, more connected with the people, more real.

5.4. The final quote is very convincing and makes it seem like McCain is already the President.