Animal & Plant Traits

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Animal & Plant Traits by Mind Map: Animal & Plant Traits

1. Do only animals inherit traits?

1.1. Students will be able to explain that plants also do have traits that either inherited or acquired.

1.1.1. There will be 2 plants kept in the classroom. Students will observe what they see. One plant will be by a window, therefore the plant will start growing towards the sunlight (adapting to its environment). The other plant will not be by the window, which will be the control.

1.1.2. Students will create a chart in groups to explain/draw why plants have certain adaptations, and why somethings are inherited. Students will be able to explain the importance of the inhertied traits/ acquired traits (adaptations.)

2. Environmental Factors

2.1. Student will be able to explain adaptation and its importance.

2.1.1. Students will be able to explain how humans have adapted to the environment by using their everyday life examples and writing it down in a journal for 2 weeks.

2.1.2. In groups students will create a list of adaptations for their "All About Me" animal book. In this list the students will understand what adaptations their animal has and why it is important for them to have it.

3. What are traits?

3.1. Students will be able to explain what traits are.

3.1.1. Students will first put down their thoughts in the beginning of the unit of what a traits is and then at the end of the unit they will put down their thoughts of what a trait is.

3.1.2. Students can use PBS This will allow students to explore different animals and learn about traits. This will give them a brief summary before diving into the details of traits and the further lessons of the unit.

4. Inherited traits vs. Acquired traits

4.1. Students will be able to explain the difference between what is inherited vs. acquired. .

4.1.1. Students will also make an "All About Me" book throughout the unit. The book will be on one animal. Students will have to talk about what traits the animal have are inherited and which are acquired. They will then have to explain why each trait is important to the animal. Students will then present the book to the class in groups.

4.1.2. Students will work together in groups to work on a graphic organizer. They will match which traits go in what columns of a graphic organizer that is broken down into two sections: acquired vs. inherited traits