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FOX Sports by Mind Map: FOX Sports

1. Marketing

1.1. Increase brand awareness and loyalty, grow the audience, and attract advertisers.

1.2. Research and interpret data about markets and audiences.

1.3. Design and implement promotional campaigns and events to engage audiences and meet client needs.

1.4. Ensure consistent communication in all marketing activity.

1.5. Work with other departments to ensure the audience and client needs are meet, continue building the brand, and maximize revenue.

2. Programming

2.1. Write original stories and clip videos from games and shows for digital publishing.

2.2. Creating, managing, and distributing network schedules.

2.3. Work with other departments to devise new ways to attract and retain audiences.

2.4. Ensure that programming complies with the laws and regulations governing broadcasting.

2.5. Recruit, train and develop their team and handle the day-to-day management of the staff.

3. Production

3.1. Create a wide variety of programming ranging from live game coverage to pre and postgame coverage.

3.2. Prepare feature content for pregames and games.

3.3. Develop segment ideas, questioning and content for planned interviews.

3.4. Responsible for handling audience comments and complaints.

3.5. Obtain permissions or licenses for recording or broadcasting on location and for the use of music and/or sound effects.

4. Sales

4.1. Research prospective advertisers to determine feasibility of using FOX Sports.

4.2. Prepare media schedules and presentations.

4.3. Provide local marketing support to prospects and clients.

4.4. Work with advertising agency to facilitate contract and delivery.

4.5. Maintain client list to schedule updates and contract confirmations.

5. Creative Partnerships

5.1. Develop marketing campaign solutions for brands looking to reach home team fans across all sports.

5.2. Prepare and present proposals to decision makers.

5.3. Work closely with partners to ensure contractual fulfillment.

5.4. Design B2B advertising campaigns.

5.5. Design and present marketing pitches using the art of storytelling.