English speaking countries

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English speaking countries by Mind Map: English speaking countries

1. United Kindom of Great Britan and Northen Island

1.1. Points of Interest

1.1.1. Big Ban

1.1.2. The Tower of London and Tower Bridge

1.1.3. (Trafalgar Square)

1.1.4. (London Eye)

1.1.5. (Westminster Abbey)

1.1.6. (Buckingham Palace)

1.2. Capital

1.3. Population

2. United State of America

2.1. Points of Interest

2.2. Capital

2.3. The Mains States of USA

2.3.1. State of California

2.3.2. State of Texas

2.3.3. State of New York New York City

2.3.4. State of Florida

2.3.5. State of Illinois

2.3.6. State of Pennsylvania

3. Australia

3.1. Points of Interest

3.1.1. Opera House

3.2. Capital

4. Canada

4.1. Points of Interest

4.1.1. Capital Ottawa

4.1.2. Nature Banff and Lake Louise CN Tower The Muskoka Lakes Cavendish Beach Long Beach, Tofino