How To Promote FAME Using Facebook Group Affinity

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How To Promote FAME Using Facebook Group Affinity by Mind Map: How To Promote FAME Using Facebook Group Affinity

1. Step 1. Search and Join Niche Specific Facebook Groups

1.1. Use the Facebook search function and search for LARGE Facebook Advertising, Internet Marketing and Digital Marketing Facebook Groups

1.2. Join 10 of these Facebook groups per day

1.3. Focus on joining Facebook groups with 10,000+ community members or more

2. Step 2. Facebook Group Value Strategy

2.1. Once the group admin approves you, DO NOT start spamming the group!

2.1.1. That is what everyone does and this will get your post deleted and the admins will probably kick you out of the Facebook Group and could even block you forever.

2.2. Instead, start scrolling through the group news feed and look for community members that are asking questions and asking for help.

2.2.1. Start answering their questions and helping community members directly in the Facebook group news feed with what you have learned in FAME and and also other knowledge and expertise that you have. Facebook Advertising Questions Facebook Pixel Questions Questions on "I'm getting clicks on my ad but no sales, why?" Questions on "Why My Offer Isn't Converting" How to setup landing pages answering specific questions for different landing page builders How to setup email autoresponders autoresponder integration for different lading page builders How to setup email sequences Where to find intro videos Affiliate Marketing How to create reports and use for Opt-In bribes Recommendations for logo, banner, video creators etc.

2.2.2. Start friend requesting the members you are helping and private message with additional tips

2.3. Start building relationships with the group members, build rapport and affinity within the Facebook groups.

2.3.1. Start posting value content directly in each Facebook group. REMEMBER Do not post affiliate links, or any links for that matter, or say message/PM me for more information. That will get you post deleted and you may be kicked out and banned from the Facebook Group. Most admins of Facebook groups LIKE members contributing value content as long as you don't post links or ask community members to "Private Message Me for more information". Posting value content allows more value to be given to the entire community, more engagement in the community, and less work for the admins. Switch it up Post Value - written posts Post Value - pictures with written copy Post Value - LIVE videos Post video trainings Ask for recommendations

2.4. Start looking at the threads and community members that are the most active in the group.

2.4.1. Start friend requesting and private messaging active community members from each group. Make an introduction stating "I am also in XYZ group and thank you for connecting! I have a ton of Digital Marketing and Facebook Advertising knowledge, I'm not an expert, but I can help where I can. Let me know if you ever need anything" DO NOT SPAM Or send any type of pitch or affiliate link Start conversations, build relationships, help and develop connections

3. Step 3. Affiliate Link Time

3.1. Now that you have been ADDING Value in multiple Facebook Groups you will start to build connections within each Facebook Group Community.

3.1.1. You will be receiving and accepting multiple friend requests

3.1.2. You will be connecting on Facebook Messenger, making further connections and building further rapport.

3.1.3. You will have community members ask you where you are learning all of this digital marketing and Facebook Advertising knowledge, where did you start, what do you recommend.

3.1.4. You will now have all of these new friends seeing your Facebook Timeline.

3.2. Start telling your new friends and new connections where you are learning all of this invaluable marketing information from.

3.2.1. Facebook private messaging "I am showing a few friends where to find the same exclusive training that I have been using that changed everything for me!! Do you want to know where to find it? Wait for Yes

3.2.2. Posting a Viral Post on your Personal Facebook Wall "Today I am going to show a few friends where to find exclusive training that will change everything!! Please do not share this post. For those who are interested in watching this training today, LIKE this post and comment "I’m In" below and I will personally send the info to the first 150 friends that LIKE and comment. " Private Facebook Message each person that comments "I'm In"