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Main Scene by Mind Map: Main Scene

1. Tournaments & Clubs

1.1. Club

1.1.1. Create New

1.1.2. Search

1.1.3. Select Club Leave Club Admin: Invite Player Join Request Reference: Chat Admin: Close Club

1.2. Tournament

1.2.1. Create New Brackets Time Limits Tournament Type Rounds Per Bracket Specify Details Time Location Cost Prizes Specify Admins

1.2.2. Search

1.2.3. Select Tournament Reference: Chat Map & Directions List: Notice Board Button: Admin: Upload Image Bracket List: See all Games Button: Register Button: Start Game Auto Pairing Admin Panel Deactivate Tournament Settings Register and Unregister a player to a specific bracket Food Help Food Ordering Set Payment Method Reserve Menu Items Cancel Online Checkin within 100 meters range Payment

1.3. Players

1.3.1. Search Add View

2. Login

2.1. Facebook

2.2. Google

2.3. 9Logic Custom

3. Sign Up

3.1. Facebook

3.2. Google

3.3. 9Logic

3.3.1. Pick Photo

3.3.2. Pick Country

4. All Scenes

4.1. Subscription

4.1.1. Monthly Subscription

4.1.2. Yearly Subscription

4.1.3. Payment Samsung Pay Apple Pay PayPal 9Logic Payment Option IAP

4.2. Click Player Photo

4.2.1. Popup Menu Mute/Unmute Add Friend/Accept Friend Block/Unblock Player View Profile

4.3. Menu

4.3.1. Settings

4.3.2. Profile Update

4.3.3. See More Games

4.3.4. Contact Us

4.4. Web Socket Client

4.5. Chat

4.5.1. Text Chat

4.5.2. Challenge Player (chessboard)

4.5.3. Add Puzzle

4.5.4. Add Image

4.5.5. Custom Chess Emojis

4.5.6. Pin Items

4.5.7. Show Unread Messages

4.5.8. Player X Typing...

4.6. Notifications

4.6.1. Friend Requests

4.6.2. Club Club Challenge

4.6.3. Tournament New Tournament Last Day to Register Tournament Results Notice Board Update

4.6.4. Come back (if not played awhile)

4.6.5. Subscription Expiring

5. Lobby

5.1. Create Game Ad

5.1.1. Remove Game Ad

5.2. Join Game Ad

5.2.1. Accept Request

5.3. Reference: Chat

5.4. View Game Ads

5.5. View Players

5.6. View Active Games

5.6.1. Observe Game

5.7. Live Game

5.7.1. Play Chess Move History Chessboard Chess Rules Engine Player White and Black Profile Controls Player Actions Takeback Add More Time Abort Game Resign Draw

5.7.2. Reference: Chat

5.8. Puzzles

5.8.1. See Puzzle of the Day

5.8.2. Scroll through past puzzles

5.8.3. Do Puzzle