Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

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Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Mind Map: Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

1. Learners now had to participate in classroom activities

2. Teachers and Learners roles

3. The Grammar Translation Method

4. Grammar translation was the offspring of German scholarship. Was first known in the United States as the Prussian method.

5. Principal Characteristics

5.1. Grammar translation is a way of studying a language that approaches the language first through detailed analysis of its grammar rules, followed by applications of this knowledge

5.1.1. vocabulary selection is based solely on the reading text used. and words are taught bilingual word lists, dictionary study, and memorization.

5.1.2. the sentence is the basic unit of teaching and language practice

5.1.3. Accuracy is emphasized

5.1.4. Grammar is taught deductively

6. Communicative English Teaching

7. based on the idea that lenguage learning succesfully comes through having to communicate real meaning

8. student have to become comfortable with listening to their peers in group work or pair work.

9. History

9.1. Origins during the world war II

9.2. was developed in the U.S

9.3. The term audiolingualism was coined by professor Nelson Brooks.

10. Is a method for foreing language teaching which emphazise the teaching of listening and speaking before reading and writing.

11. only everyday vocabulary and sentences were taught

11.1. classroom instruction was conducted exclusively in the target language

11.1.1. grammar was taught inductively

11.2. oral communication skills were built up in a carefully graded progression organized around questions and answer exchanges.

11.2.1. new teaching points were introduced orally.

12. Principles and Procedures

13. By the 1900s, it was widely popular in private language schools but the direct method was difficult to implement in public secondary school education.

14. The Direct Method

15. The Audiolingualism Method