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Module 4: Assessment Development by Mind Map: Module 4: Assessment
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Module 4: Assessment Development

Learning Goal: Participants will evaluate multiple assessment tools.

Participants will increase their knowledge of assessment through reading, posting and responding to others.

Participants will understand the difference between formative and summative assessment.

Participants will evaluate multiple assessment tools.

Assignment 4.2

Tools for assessment

Lesson plan block grading

Electronic gradebooks, EGP

Recording devices

Web 2.0 tools, Survey Monkey, Zoomerang, Free resources and tools for authentic assessment

Cameras and video

Personal Response Systems (clickers), eInstruction, Mimio, Study of Student Response systems (pdf), Turning Technologies, Smartphones as PRS

Readings, "Teaching with Classroom Response Systems"


Wiki post, Choose one assessment tool to review, Completed by end of Module 4

Wiki post rubric - 4.2

Assignment 4.1

Differences between formative and summative assessment

Readings (At least 2)

What is "valid" assessment?, "The Challenge of Authentic Assessment", "Ten Takeaway Tips for Using Authentic Assessment in Your School", "What is Authentic Assessment", "Integrating Assessment and Instruction in Ways that Support Learning", "Beyond Testing and Grading: Using Assessment to Improve Student Learning"

Using a Reflection Sheet

Instructor generated Reflection Sheet

Compiling your data


Discussion board post, Post at least one thing you learned about assessment and one thing you already knew about assessment., Completed by Day 3, Post feedback to at least one other person, Completed by Day 5

Posting rubric - 4.1