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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Children Acquiring Knowledge

1.1. Genes

1.2. Students construct their own learning

1.3. Schema

1.3.1. rely on learning based on existing learning

1.4. Social Interaction

1.4.1. Involves real world situations experiencing real life situations with others

1.4.2. Dialoge listening and speaking

1.4.3. Language talking to others through langauge

1.4.4. Cooperative Learning working together in groups

1.5. Authentic learning tasks for meaning ful learning

2. Definition of Intelligence

2.1. Knowledge is known as intelligence as well. Knowledge is made up of the attitude, beliefs and the motivation to want to instill acquired learning.

3. Teacher helps increase knowledge

3.1. Reasoning

3.1.1. telling help children decide about their feelings, choices, and decisions they make

3.2. Problem Solving

3.2.1. show children different ways to solve problems in real world situations or academically.

3.3. Reflections

3.4. "cognitive" adjustments

3.4.1. adding more to the curriculum

4. Theories of Learning

4.1. Gardener's Multiple Intelligence

4.1.1. 8 intelligences of learning- linguistic, logical, spatial, musical, bodily/kinesthetic, intrepersonal, intrapersonal, natualist

4.2. Spearman Theory of Intelligence

4.2.1. The general factor, specific factor

4.3. Cattells Structured Learning

4.3.1. fluid intelligence, crystallized intelligence

4.4. Steinberg's Triarchic Theory

4.4.1. The 3 factors of are analytical, contextual, and creative

5. Questions about Intelligence

5.1. Which theory is fits the defintion of intelligence?

5.2. What do most researchers feel based on the theories fits the definition?