Jim's Winter Break

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Jim's Winter Break by Mind Map: Jim's Winter Break

1. Introduction

1.1. this past summer, one of the best

1.2. water skiing in Vermont

1.3. Rock climbing with old friend

1.4. Family reunion

1.5. really an exceptional summer

2. Swimming

2.1. Never had been before

2.2. Great lake in Vermont, lake Champlain

2.3. New node

2.4. New node

3. Rock Climbing

3.1. best friend, bill and wife

3.2. Granite Mountain climb

3.3. New route for me, challenging

3.4. cool images to think about

4. Family Reunion

4.1. cousin never seen before

4.2. remembering old times

4.3. grandpa Sam

5. Conclusion

5.1. one of my favorite summers

5.2. water skiing in Vermont

5.3. Rock climbing with old friend

5.4. Family reunion

5.5. really an exceptional summer

6. New node

6.1. New node

6.2. here-s Larry's add