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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence
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the adaptive ability to learn from experiences through complex mental processes to modify future behavior to accomplish a new task.

Components of Intelligence

Theoretical Perspectives

Measures of Intelligence

Group Differences

Hereditary and Environmental Influences

Questions/Critiques on Intelligence

I agree that intelligence requires many different processes working together to be effective

I agree with the importance of nature and nurture in establishing one's intelligence

I think Gardner's theories on multiple intelligences is valid, considering there are many different types of "smart" people in the world

Why is there so much emphasis on IQ scores when they are subjectively given by researchers?

I question the impact specific ability tests have on overall intelligence. If a person cannot complete one task out of five, but does complete the other four, I would consider them to still be intelligent.

Children and Intelligence

Nature vs. Nurture

Socio-Economic Status

Gender Differences

Ethnic and Racial Differences